my 7 favorite apps for ipad

This is probably my most subjective post by far. Come to think about it, can a blogger be objective? Really? But when it comes to things one like or dislike, there is no rule saying who can or cannot be subjective. It's a free world and everyone's opinion should be appreciated. 

You're probably thinking what I'm babbling about. Actually I'm again talking about making a list and this time it has something to do with a friendly device of mine, which I named Ripley (taken from one of the coolest fictional characters on the silver screen). See the picture above and yes, I look strangely weird. And again yes, I named most of my devices. My iPod's named Chopper, Chihiro for my flash-disk storage and for my Blackberry, it was The Material Girl, probably because it's the only song I have in that phone which automatically is its ringtone.

Anyway, enough about my craziness! I'm going to share with you the 7 applications for iPad which I personally like (currently, since Apps Store releases like 50 new apps each day) and they have successfully made me want to stay home all night. Please notice that the order of the list does not imply degrees of fondness.

Discover by Cooliris
Discover is a reference apps which acquires articles from Wikipedia. Each day, the apps picks one certain article and send it our devices.The coolest parts of the apps are we can actually refer terms that we might not be familiar to other articles and so on. Having Discover on Ripley makes me feel extremely smart and knowledgeable.

Editions by AOL
Almost like Discover, Editions is sort of like a magazine that makes us the editor. We decide what we want to read and the order we want to read it. The articles are from various of sources. Everyday the apps create a magazine based on our preference, even personalize it with your friends' birthday if we connect Editions to our Facebook. We can also share the articles we enjoy reading to our Facebook or Twitter account. I like Editions probably because of the nice layout although there are many apps that are quite similar (such as Yahoo! LiveStand).

Yes, I know. I know. iBooks is just probably one of so many apps that exist for reading books. It's not even the first apps of them all. However, I must say that (again, subjectively) it might be the best of them all. The smoothness of page turning, the supports it provides to help you enjoy your reading such as reference, highlight, note-taking and bookmarking, it certainly make my reading (should be) much funner. I own more than 40 books and honestly I haven't started (or worse, finished) any of them yet.

Flipboard & Showyou
If your iPad does not have Flipboard or Showyou, you need to click on that Apps Store and start downloading. Like Discover and Editions, both Flipboard and Showyou acquire videos from many sources, includes your own twitter and facebook account (videos your friends posted), and many respectable channels. There a few channels in Showyou which I have spent many nights watching. Most of them are short movies, short animations and news.

EA's Monopoly
The first time I installed this apps, I stayed until 3am playing Monopoly. It's extremely addictive and fun. We can play the game alone against the computer or we can play it with our friends (maximum 4 players). I had to relearn all the rules all over again, but trust me, I have never been so mesmerized by any board games as I was by this apps. Now me and my friends have another board games to play when we are bored.

Domino's Pizza Hero
Graphically stunning. It is a bit silly if you seriously think about it. It doesn't make you any smarter or anything, but it was fun to pretend cooking pizza. And actually it's not easy! The pizza manager, I must say is not the easiest boss to please. He never likes my dough and how I arranged my toppings. Gee, I'll never be promoted (and Alex, it's only a game!).

There are many-many-many apps that are equally excited, beautiful and important. Unfortunately I have no plan to write an extremely long post, but you can look it up if you're in the same circle based on these 7 apps. Well, they are: Apple Trailers - for viewing the newest movie trailers, The Collection - which is a must have apps for all fashion designers, Yahoo! Into, Apple's GarageBand, Noteshelf.

Oh gee, I cannot stop. Anyway, I'm pretty sure you too have your own favorites, please share them! I would appreciate that. Thank you.

how i don't really hate breaking dawn

Director: Bill Condon
Stars: Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Robert Pantinson
Year Released: 2011

I was staring at my computer screen for 30 minute before I began to type the first word regarding the experience I had last Saturday watching the first part of last book from Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn. Before I watched the film, I talked to some friends about it. Like there's a memo I didn't receive, everyone unified to trash the movie. And when I asked whether they've seen the film, most of them said no.

So I decided if I was going to hate it (or trash it), at least I needed to watch the film to earn that right. So there I was last Saturday, watching on the big screen how Edward Cullen married Bella Swan, knocked her up and made her go through hell (kids, appreciate your mother now!) to deliver a baby.

You know, before a movie (a big Hollywood movie anyway) is released, usually there are people who try to sell the movies by creating hypes surrounding that movie which lead us to believe that movie is actually good.  Some movies are as good as expected, some in other hands fail.

In this case, I heard nothing about Breaking Dawn but how terrible the movie is. I did call New Moon a stupidity and seriously I cannot even remember what happened in Eclipse. With that in the back my head, I assumed Breaking Dawn would be as bad as the previous ones. The key words: I expect nothing but another stupidity.

And I was not completely right.

Yes, the movie is still terrible, but I don't hate it. I can see all the flaws, unnecessary scenes here and there, but I wasn't really bothered. It's cheesy, tacky and occasionally causing pharyngeal-reflex, but those were expected and I'm okay. There's the logical reason why I didn't leave the cinema before the movie ended. I even stayed until the last scene when Michael Sheen looks like a clown. HAHAHA.

I'm so into making a list, so it would be only proper if I make a list of interesting facts regarding Breaking Dawn. It could be straight facts, or indirect related facts or even simply unrelated facts. HAHAHA.

  1. They had to cut down some scene just to get a PG-13 rating (initially the movie received an R rating), so some teenage girls could giggle when the barely legal Taylor Lautner took of his shirt. HAHAHA.
  2. It's pointless to even try to figure out how it's possible for a vampire to inseminate. Even the writer(s) is too lazy to explain it. 
  3. The first and the most important rule of surviving the horror of the Twilight Saga: never sit next to a bunch of teenage girls. Their giggles just kill whatever left inside of you to continue watching the movie.
  4. I was very surprised to know that Bella actually is a fan of S&M. But again, what's pleasure without pain? HAHA.
  5. Is there any better beverage than Red Fanta? I don't think so. Blood. Vampire. Red Fanta. Du'uh!
So, to end my post, I would answer the most significant question everyone probably has in mind right now. Will I recommend this movie? Well, I can only say this: if you wish to say how the movie has caused you a traumatic experience in movie-watching, you need to earn the right by actually watching it.

9 things about inafff and 10 things to learn from the movies

Today was the last day of the 2011 INAFFF and I am officially not a INAFFF virgin anymore. For the last two weeks, I had a pretty good time. I enjoyed my own selection, which even I must admit it's not bad for a first-timer. Overall, the movies this year are not disappointed. Some of them are exceptional, some of them are okay and yes, some of them are not even supposed in this festival. 

However, to appreciate how awesome these two weeks were, I decided to point out things either they're related to the movies, events occurred during the festival or almost unrelated, but worth mentioned. HAHAHA.
  1. Immortals might not be a good film, but it's a perfect way to commence a film festival. It's grand, it's graphically gory and it involves Greek mythology. 
  2. Audience of each movie are expected to participate in choosing their favorite movies. We received this very effective card which was collected by the end of the movie according to our taste. If you like it, rip off the one side that expressed your likeness. 
  3. Most of the movies I chose unfortunately were not as gory as I thought they would be. I totally couldn't believe that Livid was actually from Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo who basically grossed us out with Inside.
  4. Thumbs up for the committee who was working so hard to please their die-hard fans. The gifts during each screening, some of the committee were so friendly enough to personally greet me in some occasions anyway are just proofs how committed they are. So I must mention that they did a very good job.
  5. The surprise movie, A Lonely Place to Die was not what I had in mind. I mean it's a good movie (well, half of it anyway), but it doesn't really represent the core of the festival. I was hoping for something extremely sick or gory.
  6. Age restriction. I was surprised to see probably a 12 years old kid who watched one of the movies. 
  7. Although Breaking Dawn premiered in the second week of INAFFF, but I don't think it was affected in any way, so I must say INAFFF owns tons of die hard fans.
  8. Our local movies got a lot of attention this year. The Raid was definitely one of them and those short movies are quite a hit. So I'm pretty happy and pretty ashamed to admit that I didn't watch any of those. HAHAHA. I know, I'm a total loser!
  9. In my very humble personal opinion, Fanta Merah is the perfect option of beverage for this event and I was excited that they actually served this specific drink at the cinema snack counter. So, I'm happy!

You can always learn something from a movie, no matter what kind of movies they are. From watching more-less 10 movies at the festival, I learned these important 10 lessons which I will carry for the rest of my life.
  1. Take a plane, no road trips unless it's less than 8 hours ride. You never know some psychopaths might stop you by dressing as the authorities (Territories), which leads us to number 2.
  2. Always ask for a validation if some authorities stop your vehicle in the middle of nowhere. 
  3. Always make sure you know exactly what you're digesting when you're dining out. Even if it's good, I don't think I want to consume literally well-cooked men, even they're jackasses (The Claypot Curry Killers).
  4. Say NO to a risky job and go for that Burger King waiter even it pays less. Being a hit-man for a certain satanic cult which you're going to be the leader is one terrible thing. I'd rather be poor. (The Kill List).
  5. Combination of a bad sport: mountain-hiking, a remote quiet place, less than 5 persons to do the sport with. If you're really for a mountain-hiking, make sure they have a Starbucks nearby and you're going with at least 3 dozens people. (A Lonely Place to Die).
  6. If you must work in an asylum for extreme-mentally ill people, make sure they have a back-up generator. If you do work in a such place and you read this, I salute you! (The Incident).
  7. Don't judge, even the saints can be sinners. (Le Moine)
  8. There's a reason why absinthe is illegal. (Sennentuntschi)
  9. Don't steal from an old woman in coma who rests in a very old house. (Livid).
  10. Last but not least, do not mess with Iko Uwais. That man can kick ass. (You know which movie, don't you?).

So, like I said before, I had a good time this year and I'm so looking forward to having more terrifying - grossing me out kind of experiences next year. I thank some cool people I did get a chance to talk to for these two weeks and also you, the girl who sat next to me during the surprise movie, next time less talking while watching a movie, okay? 

akhir pekan dan teh dari sisca

Saya sudah dari tadi duduk di depan komputer memandangi layarnya dengan berharap pada satu kesempatan, semangat saya tiba-tiba membara dan kemudian memotivasi semua organ motorik saya untuk berkreasi. Hati boleh berharap, namun kenyataannya setelah 1 kali sarapan, 2 potong kue, 1 cangkir kopi, 1 episod Masterchef US dan 1 film dengan durasi 100 menit, Nowhere Boy (yang mana adalah film yang baik), saya masih belum dapat disebut produktif.

Kembali ke film yang sempat saya tonton dalam usaha saya menjadi produktif di hari Sabtu ini, Nowhere Boy bercerita tentang kisah nyata masa remaja John Lennon. Tanpa bermaksud mengorelasikan segala sesuatu di sini, saya teringat salah satu kutipan dari Lennon yang lumayan popular, yaitu: "time you enjoy wasting was not wasted". HAHAHA, iya ini usaha saya untuk membenarkan aksi saya menikmati mendungnya Sabtu ini dengan tidak melakukan apa-apa. Hey, dolce far niente!

Sebenarnya saya berencana untuk keluar rumah dan menikmati keramaian di pusat belanja di dekat rumah, tapi apa daya, rasa malas ini kuat sekali apalagi didukung dengan mendungnya langit Jakarta siang ini. Selain rasa malas, jerawat sebesar jempol juga menjadi alasan yang kuat kenapa saya memutuskan untuk menempelkan pantat di rumah saja. Lagipula berjalan-jalan sendiri di akhir pekan akan seperti misi bunuh diri. Lalu kenapa saya tidak mengajak teman-teman saya untuk berjalan bersama? Alasan sebelumnya, yaitu jerawat sebesar jempol. HAHAHA. Dilema, dilema!

Oya, beberapa hari yang lalu, saya menerima hadiah-hadiah kecil (maklum hadiahnya banyak) yang mahal sekali dari sahabat baik saya yang terkasih, Sisca. 

Sebagai sesama peminum teh, saya mendapatkan 5 bungkus gula dari Gulaku dalam kemasan dengan corak Bali yang sempat membuat saya berdecak kagum dan sampai saat ini masih tersusun rapi di atas printer saya. Tidak rela saya pakai. Kemasan yang menarik ini kembali mengingatkan saya akan indahnya, beragam dan berwarnanya pulau Bali. Dalam konteks apapun perjalanan saya ke sana, saya selalu mengalami pengalaman-pengalaman yang menarik.

Nah selain gulanya, tentu saja saya juga mendapatkan tehnya. Teh yang diberikan oleh Sisca adalah teh dari China yang harganya mahal banget! Saking mahalnya, saya sampai saat ini masih belum rela membuka bungkusannya. Teh daun yang dalam bungkusan kedap udara itu bagi saya seperti seonggok emas, yang konon menurut Sisca hanya perlu sedikit untuk menghasilkan segelas teh. Jujur, saya masih tidak rela membuka bungkusannya. Mahal, bu! HEHEHE.

Yah, kalau Sisca, sang pemberi, membaca artikel ini, terima kasih, sekali lagi terima kasih!

Yah sudah, selagi  langit masih mendung dan hujan belum membasahi bumi, saya mau jalan-jalan dahulu yah. Nanti kita bersambung lagi. Eit, selamat berakhir pekan!

a windy day on the 4th of november 2011

So yesterday I finally couldn't make it to work due to illness after days of suffering from cold, flu, cough and everything that associates with those diseases. I finally came back to work today and found out that more than half of people were taking a day off today. Well, it's going to be a lonely day.

Actually when I came to work today, it's quite windy. And to find out that I was going to be actually alone in my area, it increased the coldness level of the day. I'm totally fine with being alone in my room. I find it a bit fun since I had (or have) tons of works to be done (and yet, I'm blogging here. HEHEHE). I had my coffee with a piece of banana cake (which was too sweet) and said my prayer before I started the day.

The other advantage was probably I can turn-up the volume of my iTunes to the level where I can actually hear the music. This rarely happens at work and I must admit I enjoyed it! To have Miss Jo Stafford singing Blue Moon, or Miss Billie Holiday singing Stormy Weather (can you find a more suitable song for the weather?) which followed by the always awesome Nerina Pallot singing the haunting Sophia (Yes, my strange preference of music!).

Anyway, what I'm trying to share here is that I enjoy working in a slow quiet phase. Although usually in a horror movie, something "unusual"' tends to happen when one's alone. Urrgh, wait, where's everybody? ARRGHHH! 

how the year ends with good movies

Long time ago, I was introduced to a boy named Nandy. Nandy is a bored accountant whose dream is to be a movie critic. Nandy loves movies. From a very small number of our encounter, Nandy said that the last four months of the year are his favorites. Not fully agree to his opinion, but I understand why the Fall/Winter are his favorite seasons.

In Hollywood, January & February are the months of the awards. All the "important" awards are scheduled on those two months. So for all movies that want to be considered for the awards season of the year, they have to be released before the previous year ends. So let's say for the Oscar 2012, all movies must be released before 2011 ends. Well, I could be wrong about this (probably about the timeline), but then that's why the last four months become Nandy's favorites. For this year and the first two months of next year, I have so many movies I'm hoping to see (at least in the big screen). Most of the opinions here are collected from movie resources, such as:,, and many others.

Director: Steve McQueen
Stars: Michael Fassbender, Carey Mulligan
Why must we not miss this movie? Two words, my friends! Michael, that's one and Fassbender! Undeniably that Fassbender is the actor of the moment right now. He already had a couple of awesome movies released this year, X-Men First Class and Jane Eyre. This NC-17 rated movie (which means only adults are allowed to watch the movies) talks about a compulsive sex addiction. Shame will be released in December, but before that another Fassbender's movie, A Dangerous Method will be released in November.

Director: Sean Durkin
Stars: Elizabeth Orsen, Christopher Abbott
This is a playing-with-your-mind drama thriller with some first class acting. It was said that Elizabeth Orsen gave the best performance of the year and there's no way she's not getting any Oscar nomination.

Director: Andrew Haigh
Stars: Tom Cullen, Chris New
It has been hailed by critics when it was showed in Sundance this year. I was also intrigued by Jim Ridley when he commented Weekend as this countdown to farewell romance that will stay with you, may break your heart a little bit and shouldn't be missed. The Antlers singing I Don't Want Love in the movie trailer also helps a little bit to raise my interest. It's going to be a very sad movie. 

Director: Simon Curtis
Stars: Michelle Williams, Eddie Redmayne, Kenneth Branagh, Judi Dench
The first time everyone saw the official photo of Michelle Williams posing as Marilyn Monroe, I believe everyone thought of Oscar! Well, maybe some of us, maybe just me and But seriously, Michelle Williams has transformed to be an amazing actress. I still cannot get over her powerful performance on Blue Valentine and I think she's going to kill it with this one as well.

Director: Steven Spielberg 
Stars: Jamie Bell, Simon Pegg
I used to read the comics and I must not miss this movie, that's all I can say. Although Spielberg's last movie, the Indiana Jones was a huge disappointment, I have my fingers crossed on this one. 

Director: Joshua Tank
Stars: Alex Russel, Michael B. Jordan
The trailer doesn't speak much, but it reminds me of the mystery of one of my favorite movies, Cloverfield. It also actually has the same exact way how the movie was shot. From what I know, these there teenagers were exposed to a strange substance that gave them power. That's all I know. Unfortunately we have to wait until next year to know what it's really about.

Director: Drake Doramus
Stars: Anton Yelchin, Felicity Jones
About that first love, about being apart from it, about constantly thinking about it when you're already with somebody else. Does it sound like your love life? Well, this year's Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner will explore that how love depicts the hopefulness and the heart-wrench of love.

Director: Paddy Considine
Stars: Peter Mullen, Olivia Colman
I always enjoy watching movies that involve two different persons, such as Tyrannosaur. Winner of various awards in the Sundance Film Festival and it has been hailed as this year's British best film, surely it should not be missed.

Director: Madonna
Stars: Abbie Cornish, James D'Arcy
When it was screened at this year's Venice Film Festival, not everyone thrilled with Madonna's attempt to direct. W.E. received mixed reviews. Many hate the movie, but those who actually love it, praise it.

Director: Lynne Ramsey
Stars: Tilda Swinton, John C. Reilly
Again, two words: Tilda, that's one and Swinton! Another psychology thriller, but then again, anything associate with Tilda Swinton, it must be a first class acting movie, includes this one. 

I didn't have much time to mention every movie, but there are other movies that I really want to mention, such as Roman Polanski's Carnage with Jodie Foster and Kate Winslett, The Descendants and Ides of March with George Clooney. What a happy season for movies! 

ready to scream at the iNAFFF 2011

So finally the Indonesia International Fantastic Film Festival 2011 (or iNAFFF) is here and if you have no idea what iNAFFF is, don't worry, this is my first time to attend the film festival too. So yes, I'm a iNAFFF virgin. In the past, I wasn't interested enough to attend the festival mostly because the films are mostly gory and violent. Okay, I admit it, I was afraid I'm going to scream like a little girl in public. Not a pretty scene.

This year,  iNAFFF 2011 will be in Blitz - Grand Indonesia from 11 - 20 November 2011. But I think the ticket sale will be available a week before the 11. I don't know much about the festival, they have this website, if you want to know more about them. 

However, since my last film festival (the French Film Festival), I assume it's time for me to attend another one. I decided to google all the movies and filtered a few that I really want to see. Since I love sharing, so here they are, movies that I think worth watching (or simply because I have a weird taste):
  1. Immortals - a Hollywood Blockbuster-esque with myths and Greek Gods. It might hurt my eyes and ears, but hell, I'm so watching this one
  2. The Disappeared - UK has produced many good sci-fi/horror movies lately, remember Attack the Block. Hopefully this one won't DISappoint (get the DIS joke?).
  3. The Claypot Curry Killers - it's about food and mystery. Good enough to watch!
  4. Territories - a made-by-French movie, it's a bit Hostel-esque, but we'll see.
  5. Kill List - everyone keeps saying how good this movie is. I'm hoping to be able to see this one.
  6. Angels and Airwaves present LOVE - the only sci-fi movie, I think. A bit disappointed that not too many sci-fi movies this year.
  7. Le Moine - a french movie which deals with Christianity, so I assume this one would be quite dark
  8. Sennentuntschi - at first, I wasn't sure about this one, but I decided to give it a shot, since it was in the same day with the movie I really want to watch
  9. Livid - another french movie which I cannot find the trailer, but I found the comments from other people who have seen the movie. They all said it's super-gory and super good.
Other movies that I really wish I could watch but due to my busy schedule (halah!), I might just have to wait for the DVDs: The Bell Flower, Super and Retreat.

Hey, if you happen to be in the iNAFFF, make sure you say hello. 

save the date, bridesmaids rocks!

Director: Paul Feig
Stars: Kristin Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne, Melissa McCarthy
Year Released: 2011

Before I started commenting how I feel about the movie, I just want to say that Bridesmaids just had just the best new answer to the "how are you doing?" question. When Lilian was asked by Annie that question after a fiasco at the bridesmaids dress-fitting, she answered, "I just crapped at my wedding dress." That's how you know this movie ROCKS! Girls can actually go mad and boy, they went all the way!

When her childhood friend, Lilian was engage, Annie was asked to be the maid of honor. Annie, who failed at her cake-making business and always seem to choose the wrong guys to date - knowing exactly nothing, she agreed to carry on the heavy duty which ends up in many hilarious events. Especially after being introduced to Lilian's other friend, Helen, suddenly the war of the bridesmaids was on. The other bridesmaids however didn't help much, but making more and more hilariousness. 

In the end, Wilson Phillips sings Hold On and everything just fell into places perfectly.

Bridesmaids shows everything nasty one probably had done in life but not really proud of (crapping at a wedding dress or even in a sink for example). It also had that nineties culture reference that probably tickles us who lived through that era as a teenager (well, at least for me), like Wilson Phillips, Tom Hanks in Cast Away.

And talking about the movie character, Annie is the person I always wish that I would never be, but she is also the person I want to be friends with. Kristin Wiig, who wrote and co-produced the movie had done an amazing job, she is "the new improved - cost efficient - everyone can related to" Tina Fey. In an interview, Wiig mentioned that before shooting the film, everyone got together and improvised how the chemistry of the relationship should be and many of the scenes in film are the result.

Others shines too. Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne, Melisa McCarthy, Matt Lucas, even the always serious Mad Men star, Jon Hamm successfully makes me laugh. All these women are real comedians, even Rose Byrne who was always more a dramatic actress. I just bought the DVD and I'm not embarrassed to post the information that I have watched this film 4 times now and I probably am going to watch it again. So if you're looking to laugh your ass off, I so recommend this movie. 

how actually mila wins and justin can act

Director: Will Gluck
Stars: Justin Timberlake, Mila Kurnis
Year Released: 2011

Basically it's about these two persons met at a single occasion and became friends. Then one night, they decided to be sex-buddies, exactly like that other movie with Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher which was released earlier this year. Then like many other things in life, the non-relationship became more complicated and they fell in love with each other, well sort of anyway.

It's quite brave to release two movies with a same idea, but Hollywood has done it before (remember Dante's Peak and Volcano? Deep Impact and Armageddon?). And you can imagine how skeptical I was when I was about to watch this movie after a big disappointment from the other version (you know, the one with Portman and Kutcher).

But I was wrong. Friends with Benefits is funny, charming and much better than the other version (again, you know which). Although it's trying so hard to differ itself from many other rom-coms, it actually works as one, maybe this is the 21st century rom-com. Will Gluck only directed a very few movies and I must admit I've been his fan for the last two movies he made, this one and Easy A.

Kurnis and Timberlakes work really well. I can see/smell/feel the chemistry. Subjectively I never like Justin Timberlake. I still believe that he was the weakest link in that David Fincher's The Social Network, but I must admit, that dude is a pretty good actor. And Mila, sweet lips Mila, oh girl, you made the right choice. I'm so glad you didn't go with that lame PG-13 version with Ashton. Natalie might have her Oscar, but Mila honey you have a much better follow-up. HAHAHA.

The other supporting casts are not disappointed. Woody Harrelson is always a good comedic actor, Jenna Elfman, even a very tiny role of Emma Stone colors the movie. Probably the only disappointment would be Patricia Clark. In my mind, Patricia is always this elegant lady, even she plays a house wife (Easy A!), but as a bohemian mom, she kind of misses it. 

And oh boy, did I mention that Friends with Benefits has many of the best pop songs as its soundtrack? Let me start with that Boys Don't Cry from the Cure (the movie version was rerecorded by Grant Lee Phillips, still a good song), Semisonic's Closing Time, Rogue Wave and many others.

Last reason why it's good: it was shot in New York. Period. 

something new: watch, listen, read or eat

Hello again, everyone! I added something to my blog. It's a feature basically informing everyone what I've been watching, reading, listening and eating. If you could scroll down this page, it is on the right side of my blog. 

the power of pink goggles

Oh yes, I hadn't been able to write anything for a very long time, until just now this friend whom I barely know asking about my job and what has been keeping for updating my blog. So I'm a little overwhelmed knowing some strangers actually read my blog. HAHAHA. 

Anyway, it has always been in my new year's resolution to learn something new each year. This year, in the last quarter of the year, I decided to learn how to swim. I read somewhere that swimming actually a very good sport. To practice swimming, you actually works out all your muscles. Not just that, it also increases your endurance, produces (not quite sure it's the perfect term) cardiovascular fitness and in short, it relaxes you.

So I started my lessons two weeks ago with this man who has taught people (mostly kids) to swim for at least 16 years. His name is Pak Made. He has been very patient with me. As I wrote this post, I still have 3 lessons to go with him. 

For as long as I live, I shall never forget my first lesson. The first stroke (or style) that I learned was the breaststroke, which I found a bit weird, because when I was in school, I remember the teacher told me that everyone should start learning how to swim with the free-style. But Pak Made said that the breast-stroke is actually the easiest one to learn and actually it has not so complicated techniques. I must admit that he's absolutely right.

The other interesting thing was my classmates (or poolmates). I kept having these different classmates for the last 5 swimming lessons I had. My first lesson, my classmate was a 5 years old girl, named Celine, who apparently not even a meter yet, but she swims like the wind. She loves water and she's super-brave. She just jumped right into the pool without any supporting tools or even a bit of fear. I also met these two brothers, Marco and Matthew, who practically swimmers already and I think the reason they're still taking this lesson to make me feel embarrassed. I remember they called me "OM" and Matthew asked me why I just learned how to swim at my age. Those pricks! They're actually really nice kids who are not allowed by their mother to swim in the deep end. 

Take that, suckers! HAHAHA.

Now to a more serious thought, during these two weeks of swimming lessons, I learned that sometimes, like many things in life, we need to relax, to enjoy little things. Pak Made constantly reminded me, as I swam from one side of the pool to another that I didn't need to be in a hurry. That I need to relax which actually makes swimming more rewarding. A few times, he said that I swam like I was really angry and impatient to get to the other side.

And he was right, I was impatient and I was worried by a lot of things as I swam. I was thinking about a lot of things, like whether my legs are synchronized, whether I did justice to my performance or whether people were laughing at me. Of course none of those happened and I needn't be worried. I guess, that's the biggest lesson I've learned so far.

O yes, in case you're wondering whether I'm a good swimmer now. Well, I can assure you that I can do the breaststroke in the deep end without Pak Made's supervision. The free-style is quite challenging because it's so tiring. Hopefully the next three lessons, I'll learn other strokes.

These frog-legs just cannot wait to dance under water. 

a very bald statement

So exactly 6 months ago, I decided to detach myself from what that has always been bugging me, my hair. You can say that I was one of those people who spend times worrying how their hair might look like. But then one morning, I decided there are things I need to really let go.

And one of those things is my hair (which is actually not much really. HAHAHA).

I began to shave my head and everyone keeps saying that my head has a very strange shape. Some thought it was nice, many thought it was hideous and I .. I actually feel so much better and there's a possibility this is how I'm going to look like for the rest of my life.

If you ask me whether I miss having hair, oh my friends, you have no idea how many times I found myself sitting by the open window of vehicle and thought that I was in a shampoo commercial. HAHAHA. 

rich site summary

I just found a new revelation about how cool my Blackberry is. Yes, you can laugh at the my opinion that Blackberry is actually a smart phone (YES, YOU HARRY!). Anyway, the not-so-new operating system of Blackberry (version 6.0) has this feature which is called Social Feeds.

What is Social Feeds, you ask? Well, Social Feeds basically put together all your social media accounts (which really not interest me that much) and they also send in the RSS (RSS: Rich Site Summary) from the websites which I really interest in. 

Now I'm assured that I can check on my friends' life through their blogs, which is actually really cool! I have a friend who is simply awesome (okay, this might be a bit subjective) and if you are interested to read about this friend's current life, whom is an Indonesian student in San Francisco, you need to read his blog

The RSS thing doesn't just work on blogs, but some news site as well. So I'm content. See how I spend my time wisely? HEHEHE.

can't stop listening to this, beck's lost cause

I cannot stop watching or listening to this song. It's a terribly sad song. Beck wrote the album after a break-up with his girlfriend and this song particularly after she had a miscarriage. I believe a breakup can damage people in terrible ways and Beck somehow found a good way to channel his pain. I hope you like the song.

another letter from julia: the guilt

I always feel terrible to share my personal emails with everyone else. But this one is so good and since my friend agreed to it, I assume it's okay. HAHAHA. I have posted a couple of Julia's email and it always fascinates to receive one from her. So this is her latest.

de: Julia
à: @ohtxela []
date: 1 septembre 2011
objet: the guilt

Hey Alex! Man, I'm not going to start writing this email with bunch of lame greetings like HOW ARE YOU? Because I'm pretty sure you are well. HAHAHA. I'm kidding. How are you, my friend? Are you well? If you're going to ask the same question, I shall say I'm doing quite okay.

First of all, I want to apologize for shutting down for months. I know I shouldn't have done that, but at that time, I cannot think of any better ways to be myself around people who know me and him. I was depressed. I blamed no one but myself. I cannot even tell you that everything was his fault because I didn't think it was and I still don't. I must take the blame and oh, Alex if you only knew how it felt to have such guilt.

You know what's worse? I feel like everyone is on his side, include you, Alex! I feel like I'm so all alone in this. I feel like I'm going to a battle without any alliances, while he has every support which (strangely) he deserves. Maybe this also means I'm not a good friend to many people. I mean, we haven't talked for a very long time and I hardly asked how you are.

I'm one selfish bitch, I know. 

This old friend of mine who recently learned about me being single asked me out about a month ago. He was a really gentleman, but I couldn't do that. I know it's been 6 months, but I don't think I can just go out on a date and give another man another hope that it might go somewhere. That guilt haunts me. I wish I could explain to you the last day I saw him 6 months ago. It's heartbreaking, Alex. I never saw a man cried so hard in my life, but I just felt that I'm dragging him down, that this relationship was not meant to be.

I hope you understand why I chose to ignore your friend the other day. He's extremely attractive, but I'm just in a stage of life where I need to figure out who I am, what I really want in life. But I must also admit that I have fear, fear of being lonely. I don't think I mind being alone, but loneliness, I don't think I can bear it. 

I'm so glad to have your friendship. I think being friend with you and some other true friends gives me strength and hope that I could be friend with this guilt.

Oh God, enough about me! How are you? Are you going back to that french school? Please do, I need someone to practice my french with. Est-ce que tu peux venir ici pour un jour ou deux? 

Please reply as soon as you can. I have to run some errands now. 

Missing you like a mad woman!


a very long break

I cannot remember exactly the last time I submit any post for this blog. I guess I was distracted for quite a while. A lot of things had happened in the last 4 months. I was down with illness, busy at work due to management changes and having major crisis in my personal life department.

The other I just watched Super 8, which was truly one of the best movie this year. There's this alien (when it comes to JJ, is it still shocking?) that was captured and tortured by humans. In short, the alien decided to see men as his enemy instead of friends due to what he's been put through. In one scene, a boy told the alien that bad things happened, but he can still live, which is a blessing.

That particular scene made me think of my life for the past 4 months. I have done some many terrible things, making so many wrong decisions and in the end, paying for all of them. I wouldn't compare this year with other years, because I'm truly ashamed, mostly of myself. However, that tiny omen from that awesome fiction movie reminds me that terrible things do happen (and will), but I can choose to face them and be alive.

It's a pretty Sunday, so let me wish you all a Happy Sunday! Seriously I cannot wait to pour my thoughts again soon! 

O yes, I started taking photos again. This one is my latest. It was part of a collection which I named [dʒəˈkɑrtə]. There are only a few of them, but go to my Facebook page to have a peek. :D

blog at work

I have a pleasure of reading my own blog last night. Not that I think that I'm a good blogger, but I found joy in remembering the old days. I miss all the travelling I've done, I miss having the perfect Sunday, I miss watching movies, good ones.

I can proudly admit that I almost never blog at work, but today is an exception. It could be the weather, it could be the medicine I'm currently taking, but seriously I'm in a terrible mood to work. It's almost 2pm and I haven't done anything productive. 

In short, I'm super-lazy today.

To make it more interesting, I have a mid-term examination tonight and I haven't studied at all. If I need proofs how well I absorb lessons in the classroom, maybe tonight is the time. HUHUHU.

Anyway, back to the thing about my blog, no matter what I do, where I am, whom I'm with, I always remember the feelings I was having when those special moments occurred. I was happy as a sponge when I was in Bali with Tasha and Lisa two years ago, I has always been guaranteed to have good times when I hang around Miko and Yuska or how ecstatic I was during the French Cinema Festival.

And now, I'm so confused and scared, not with how the tonight's exam might turn out to be, but I feel something grandeur, which unfortunately I'm not able to write, but only feel. 

Is it too much to ask for good luck a couple of hours before I face the big exam tonight? I hope not. 

diawali dengan sakit .. lalu resolusi?

Percaya atau tidak, tepat satu tahun yang lalu, gue sakit seperti sekarang ini gue juga sakit. Yah, penyakitnya sih gak sama yah, tapi ini adalah kebetulan-kebetulan yang mengerikan. Bagaimana gue harus memulai sebuah tahun dengan sakit.

Jika tahun lalu, gue didiagnosa mengidap mump (sejenis gondokan), kali ini gue terkena batuk mengganggu. Batuk bagaimana bentuk dan bunyinya, menurut gue selalu mengganggu. Bayangkan kalau anda harus berada di sebuah ruangan sempit penuh dengan orang dan anda batuk. Sangat mengganggu bukan dan bahkan yang gak batuk sudah pasti akan terganggu.

Gue merasakan ketidak-nyamanan ini setiap saat gue berada di mobil jemputan, kelas bahasa dan karena alasan ini juga, gue terpaksa harus bolos ibadah dan kelas pembinaan. gue gak bisa membayangkan batukan gue mengganggu kekhusyukan ibadah orang lain dan kalau gue diperbolehkan tidak bekerja karena batuk, sudah dengan senang hati tidak masuk kantor (pastinya). HEHEHE.

Untuk tahun ini, gue sedikit segan untuk membuat resolusi. Malu dengan resolusi-resolusi yang gue buat, tulis dan kemudian paparkan di sini, yang mana tidak tercapai satupun. HAHAHAHA. Yah bagaimanapun juga gue percaya tidak seharusnya seorang melewati satu durasi waktu tanpa merencanakan apa-apa.

Walau tampaknya tahun 2011 akan jadi tahun yang tidak mudah (sok bernubuat), tapi kemudian apa serunya kalau tahun ini menjadi tahun yang mudah? Gue cuma berharap gue bisa sampai bulan Desember dengan penuh kehormatan. 

the globe 2011

It has become an annual thing for me to write about the Golden Globes. This year is not an exception, but I must say I have lost thrills when the nominations announced back in December. To have Jolie, Depp, The Tourist, Burlesque nominated over many other good comedies or musical is just absurd. Then again, rating rules.

Anyway, to check the complete nomination, you can visit the HFPA official site. Here is my prediction of who might cry/laugh/stand on that Golden Globe stage saying thank you to their agents:

Best movie (drama):
Might win: The Social Network
I choose: The Black Swan
The Black Swan is dark, it's twisted and someone gets to die at the of the movie, should I say more? Black Swan should win the Oscar for best picture, if you ask me. 

Best actor (drama):
Might win and I choose: Colin Firth
It's about time. Although it's a tight competition between Firth, Franco and Eisenberg. 

Best actress (drama):
Might win and I choose: Natalie Portman
It's a safe bet. It was mention that this category is the toughest, since there are so many great performances this year. 

Best movie (comedy/musical):
Might win: The Kids Are All Right
I choose: Anything but the Tourist and Burlesque
Nothing personal. :D

Best actor (comedy/musical):
Might win: Johnny Depp
I choose: Anyone but Johnny Depp
Again, nothing personal. 

Best actress (comedy/musical):
Might win: Annette Benning
I choose: Emma Stone
Annette Benning is excellent in The Kids are All Right, but I don't see it as a comedy, although yes, the movie elicit a few laughters, however, she is set to win this one. Although I would love Emma Stone to take home this award, she's great! 

Best supporting actress:
Might win: Melissa Leo
I choose: Amy Adams
I love Amy Adams, she should win.

Best supporting actor:
Might win and I choose: Christian Bale
Everyone loves a physical change an actor did for a role. Bale did a shocking change and that's why he will win.

Best animated:
Might win and I choose: Toy Story 3
Seriously Pixar is way ahead of everyone else. Although there's a slight chance, the Illusionist might steal this.