movie: salt

Director: Phillip Noyce
Cast: Angelina Jolie
Release Year: 2010, July

Angelina Jolie undeniably is a very attractive woman. I believe Phillip Noyce think so too. Too attractive (she is), that he failed to escape the typical B-list action movies by not editing the unnecessary scenes that indicate only one thing, Jolie kicks ass.

Salt is a CIA agent who was actually a Russian spy (again, really?) that was raised to attack America. Unfortunately, people change and so did Salt. Once trained to be a cold-hearted killer, she deviated for a cause that makes the world turn around, love. (I'm seriously trying to be sweet here!).

I wish at several scenes, Salt paid more attentions to the story line. It has so many potentials to be much better. Anyway, do you know that initially Salt was written as a man and it was meant for Tom Cruise? Cruise declined the role and go for Knight and Day instead (see how that one went down?). They rewrote the whole story, changed the sex of the character and Jolie's in.

Honestly, I might skip the movie if it was Cruise's. HAHAHA. So, good trade, I say.

The funny thing is a month ago, a so-called Russian spy, named Anna Chapman was arrested and deported back to Russian. Although I don't think Chapman and Salt have anything in common in any matters beside they're both born in Russia. However, the news gave great publicity to the movie. Jolie was in Russia to promote Salt and she was irresistibly welcomed.

Parental warning:
I do not suggest you to bring your child with you to watch this movie. Beside they're probably too young to know who Angelina Jolie is, the movie centers on revenge and it's actually quite violent.

le film: changement d'adresse

Est-ce que je t'ai dit que j'ai retourné au CCF le mois dernier? J'ai un nouveau classe. Mes amis sont très brillants. Je suis heureux d'être dans la classe. Le semaine dernière, ma professeur m'a demandé faire un devoir. Je dois observer et réécrire un film. Le film est Changement d'adresse, une histoire d'amour. Je dois trouver les personnages et l'histoire du film. Ci-dessus est mon travail:

Titre du film: Changement d'Adresse
Les personnages:
David: il est musicien, il vient vivre à Paris and il donne des cours de musique.
Anne: elle est une jeune coiffeuse
Julia: elle est une élève de David

L'histoire du film:
David vient vivre à Paris et il cherche un logement. Il rencontre Anne. Anne le proposè de partager son grand apartement. Anne tombe amoureux à David, mais il aime Julia, son élève. Anne continue à chercher le grand amour. David et Julia se rencontrent avant il parts en week-end au bord la mer avec Julia. Mais Julia a une aventure avec un homme.

Le fin du film selon moi:
David est très triste parce que Julia l’aime jamais. Il rencontre Anne, mais elle est mariée et très heureuse. David vit seul jusqu’à le jour il meurt. Et Julia, elle devient une actress célèbre.