new moon

People are going to hate me for this. Early this week, I finally got to watch the movie, that somewhere someone claimed it as the movie event of the year. I can surely say that man was out of his mind.

Basically, New Moon picks up where Twilight left us. It's about the continuity of the romance between Bella and Edward, until it comes to the point when Edward thinks Bella being around the Cullens is just too dangerous. They left, she got broken-hearted. Here comes Jacob, the werewolf. They spent time together, they're in love. She got crazy, jumped off a cliff. The vampire thought she's dead and wanted to expose himself and die (how Romeo and Juliet, yes?). She came and told him that she's not dead and they're back together.

Just to type that paragraph hurt my chest, really. It does make me wonder, if she's going to be around the Cullens at the end, why did they leave in the first place? It's like the movie didn't really go anywhere. It's like the whole 130 minutes means nothing. I call that stupidity.

The funny thing when I watched the movie is I sat next to bunch of girls. Every time Edward kissed Bella, they sighed or giggled seriously! Or when Jacob (or Taylor Lutner) takes off his shirt (I mean, he's not even 18 yet!). But then me, playing with my phone during the movie was more annoying. I felt bad afterwards, but I just couldn't help myself. I got bored.

Don't ask me whether I'm on Team Edward or Team Jacob, I can simply tell you that I hate this movie and not even Dakota Fanning could save it.

PS: Michael Sheen, shame on you! You're an actor! You shouldn't be in this movie!

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  1. Wahahahahaha.... S E T U J U banget gw nih lex ama review lo!!! as I quote: "... not even Dacota Fanning could save it" Gw juga bosen bgt nonton ni film.. berasa rugi nonton di bioskop cuma buat nonton film roman ga jelas gitu... hihihihihi... n waktu gw nonton, the girls, they behaved like you said... :D