a very bald statement

So exactly 6 months ago, I decided to detach myself from what that has always been bugging me, my hair. You can say that I was one of those people who spend times worrying how their hair might look like. But then one morning, I decided there are things I need to really let go.

And one of those things is my hair (which is actually not much really. HAHAHA).

I began to shave my head and everyone keeps saying that my head has a very strange shape. Some thought it was nice, many thought it was hideous and I .. I actually feel so much better and there's a possibility this is how I'm going to look like for the rest of my life.

If you ask me whether I miss having hair, oh my friends, you have no idea how many times I found myself sitting by the open window of vehicle and thought that I was in a shampoo commercial. HAHAHA. 


  1. Britney, yes?

    I think the shape of your head is the perfect shape to have no hair, whether naturally or otherwise.

    If my head were shaped like yours and my ears weren't this weird, I'd shave off my hair too.

  2. Yes, it's Britney, buddy! HEHEHE. It's Sunday, everything should be G-rated.