9 things about inafff and 10 things to learn from the movies

Today was the last day of the 2011 INAFFF and I am officially not a INAFFF virgin anymore. For the last two weeks, I had a pretty good time. I enjoyed my own selection, which even I must admit it's not bad for a first-timer. Overall, the movies this year are not disappointed. Some of them are exceptional, some of them are okay and yes, some of them are not even supposed in this festival. 

However, to appreciate how awesome these two weeks were, I decided to point out things either they're related to the movies, events occurred during the festival or almost unrelated, but worth mentioned. HAHAHA.
  1. Immortals might not be a good film, but it's a perfect way to commence a film festival. It's grand, it's graphically gory and it involves Greek mythology. 
  2. Audience of each movie are expected to participate in choosing their favorite movies. We received this very effective card which was collected by the end of the movie according to our taste. If you like it, rip off the one side that expressed your likeness. 
  3. Most of the movies I chose unfortunately were not as gory as I thought they would be. I totally couldn't believe that Livid was actually from Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo who basically grossed us out with Inside.
  4. Thumbs up for the committee who was working so hard to please their die-hard fans. The gifts during each screening, some of the committee were so friendly enough to personally greet me in some occasions anyway are just proofs how committed they are. So I must mention that they did a very good job.
  5. The surprise movie, A Lonely Place to Die was not what I had in mind. I mean it's a good movie (well, half of it anyway), but it doesn't really represent the core of the festival. I was hoping for something extremely sick or gory.
  6. Age restriction. I was surprised to see probably a 12 years old kid who watched one of the movies. 
  7. Although Breaking Dawn premiered in the second week of INAFFF, but I don't think it was affected in any way, so I must say INAFFF owns tons of die hard fans.
  8. Our local movies got a lot of attention this year. The Raid was definitely one of them and those short movies are quite a hit. So I'm pretty happy and pretty ashamed to admit that I didn't watch any of those. HAHAHA. I know, I'm a total loser!
  9. In my very humble personal opinion, Fanta Merah is the perfect option of beverage for this event and I was excited that they actually served this specific drink at the cinema snack counter. So, I'm happy!

You can always learn something from a movie, no matter what kind of movies they are. From watching more-less 10 movies at the festival, I learned these important 10 lessons which I will carry for the rest of my life.
  1. Take a plane, no road trips unless it's less than 8 hours ride. You never know some psychopaths might stop you by dressing as the authorities (Territories), which leads us to number 2.
  2. Always ask for a validation if some authorities stop your vehicle in the middle of nowhere. 
  3. Always make sure you know exactly what you're digesting when you're dining out. Even if it's good, I don't think I want to consume literally well-cooked men, even they're jackasses (The Claypot Curry Killers).
  4. Say NO to a risky job and go for that Burger King waiter even it pays less. Being a hit-man for a certain satanic cult which you're going to be the leader is one terrible thing. I'd rather be poor. (The Kill List).
  5. Combination of a bad sport: mountain-hiking, a remote quiet place, less than 5 persons to do the sport with. If you're really for a mountain-hiking, make sure they have a Starbucks nearby and you're going with at least 3 dozens people. (A Lonely Place to Die).
  6. If you must work in an asylum for extreme-mentally ill people, make sure they have a back-up generator. If you do work in a such place and you read this, I salute you! (The Incident).
  7. Don't judge, even the saints can be sinners. (Le Moine)
  8. There's a reason why absinthe is illegal. (Sennentuntschi)
  9. Don't steal from an old woman in coma who rests in a very old house. (Livid).
  10. Last but not least, do not mess with Iko Uwais. That man can kick ass. (You know which movie, don't you?).

So, like I said before, I had a good time this year and I'm so looking forward to having more terrifying - grossing me out kind of experiences next year. I thank some cool people I did get a chance to talk to for these two weeks and also you, the girl who sat next to me during the surprise movie, next time less talking while watching a movie, okay? 

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