ready to scream at the iNAFFF 2011

So finally the Indonesia International Fantastic Film Festival 2011 (or iNAFFF) is here and if you have no idea what iNAFFF is, don't worry, this is my first time to attend the film festival too. So yes, I'm a iNAFFF virgin. In the past, I wasn't interested enough to attend the festival mostly because the films are mostly gory and violent. Okay, I admit it, I was afraid I'm going to scream like a little girl in public. Not a pretty scene.

This year,  iNAFFF 2011 will be in Blitz - Grand Indonesia from 11 - 20 November 2011. But I think the ticket sale will be available a week before the 11. I don't know much about the festival, they have this website, if you want to know more about them. 

However, since my last film festival (the French Film Festival), I assume it's time for me to attend another one. I decided to google all the movies and filtered a few that I really want to see. Since I love sharing, so here they are, movies that I think worth watching (or simply because I have a weird taste):
  1. Immortals - a Hollywood Blockbuster-esque with myths and Greek Gods. It might hurt my eyes and ears, but hell, I'm so watching this one
  2. The Disappeared - UK has produced many good sci-fi/horror movies lately, remember Attack the Block. Hopefully this one won't DISappoint (get the DIS joke?).
  3. The Claypot Curry Killers - it's about food and mystery. Good enough to watch!
  4. Territories - a made-by-French movie, it's a bit Hostel-esque, but we'll see.
  5. Kill List - everyone keeps saying how good this movie is. I'm hoping to be able to see this one.
  6. Angels and Airwaves present LOVE - the only sci-fi movie, I think. A bit disappointed that not too many sci-fi movies this year.
  7. Le Moine - a french movie which deals with Christianity, so I assume this one would be quite dark
  8. Sennentuntschi - at first, I wasn't sure about this one, but I decided to give it a shot, since it was in the same day with the movie I really want to watch
  9. Livid - another french movie which I cannot find the trailer, but I found the comments from other people who have seen the movie. They all said it's super-gory and super good.
Other movies that I really wish I could watch but due to my busy schedule (halah!), I might just have to wait for the DVDs: The Bell Flower, Super and Retreat.

Hey, if you happen to be in the iNAFFF, make sure you say hello. 

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