breakfast, anyone?!

At one of the pick-up points, my office provided to its staff, there is this couple who sells what we Indonesians, called KETUPAT. Not really something I like (it's too gravy for me), but I do order it now and then. It's not bad, really, but honestly for breakfast, it feels like eating for two .. too much that is.

egg rolls

Okay, so it was Thursday morning. Some of colleagues did not come to work that day. I was helping out with some of their works and I actually enjoyed it. Then, a friend shared tiny square snacks, called egg-roll.

Okay, I will not try to exaggerate it in any way, but I can tell you this. I felt that I had a piece of heaven. It is that good. I swear, I could have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and between meals. That tiny little snacks did bring light to that busy Thursday.

Tiny little egg-rolls.

the morning after

I woke up. I prepared myself to go to work. I went out of my house and looked up at the sky. I saw the moon and I took a photo. That tiny white dot is the moon. A change is something that we, as men, are equipped to deal with. Like anyone with an optimistic mind would say, "it would be a beautiful beginning of a different chapter."

And it will be.

a letter for a friend

Dear friend,

By the time you receive this email, you might not be in Jakarta anymore, but I do hope that you get it. This morning, as I prepared myself to work, I was thinking about saying good-bye, complete with my puffy eyes.

As I mentioned before, can a BYE be good? I totally don't understand this. No matter how, when, where we say it, for me, it will never be good. But to call it a BAD BYE will make it worse.

First of all, I want to say that I'm sorry for all the bumps. They're not really that fun, are they? I'm glad that you still want to put up with me after all said and done. I know it wasn't easy to cope with my silliness. Thank you for being so patient and kind.

I also want to thank you for being there. I know most of the time we're together, I was the whiny one. You have no idea how much I enjoyed complaining things to you because not only you're not judgmental, you always give the best opinions. You know exactly how to say things without patronizing me.

But despite the craziness, we did have fun, didn't we? Weren't we wild at Samudera Suki then (never judge a man by his figure, I do eat a lot)? And come to think of it, I wish we met more often. There were plans that we never really had the chance to do. Didn't we always want to go to Bandung for those cheap fake Ed Hardys (HAHAHAHA)? Or Cruising around Kelapa Gading area for the thing we love the most, food?

I will miss you. I will miss those days. I will miss those three-four hours calls. I will think of you everytime I pass the street of Pangeran Jayakarta or when I'm in Pacific Place.I also think you're very brave to go out there. I think of you as an inspiration. I think I've learned so many things from you. Your bravery, your kindness, your patience and your endless support, I think you're one good man.

Last, I wish I could tie you down and ask you not to go. I hate when they use "kalau ada sumur di ladang" to describe a farewell, but truly if we ever meet again, even for a very short amount of time, I will definitely go for it.

Good luck, my friend, my dearest, not that you need it. You will do well as you did when you're here.


hujan di kala sendu

Hari Jum'at seharusnya menyenangkan, mengingat itu adalah hari terakhir setelah sepekan bekerja keras. Tetapi tidak dengan Jum'at kemarin. Jum'at kemarin adalah hari yang buruk (gue bahkan tidak percaya kalau hari yang buruk itu ada, kalau dipikir-pikir, sebenarnya semua hari itu baik, karena setelah hari itu berakhir, kita masih hidup).

Gue memilih untuk pulang dengan bis dan sendiri dan HUJAN! (dan gue sempat-sempatnya mengeluarkan kamera murahan gue dan foto-foto). Benar-benar buruk! Ipod gue tidak berhenti-henti memutarkan lagu-lagu miris, seperti Bee Gee's I Started a Joke (catatan untuk diri sendiri: format iPOD!). HAHAHAHA.

Minggu ini, ada teman yang akan pergi jauh untuk waktu yang lama. Mungkin hanya kebodohan sesaat, tetapi ada beberapa hal yang sulit untuk gue hadapi, seperti: perpisahan, pergi ke rumah sakit, jarum suntik dan beberapa hal lagi yang rasanya terlalu memalukan untuk disingkapkan di sini. Sembari menghitung hari-hari yang ada, gue mencoba untuk menjadi teman yang baik. 

Tidak memudahkan gue, pekerjaan gue di hari Jum'at benar-benar acak-acakan. Ada kegiatan di kantor di mana gue terlibat dan hasilnya tampaknya buruk sekali. Tak heran, beberapa rekan kerja gue sempat memberikan tatapan tak enak sepanjang hari itu. HAHAHA.

Yah, gue mengerti, tidak mungkin setiap hari itu cerah. Bahkan di Arab Saudi saja hujan. Mungkin hari Jum'at kemarin adalah salah satu dari beberapa hari yang kurang menyenangkan dalam tahun ini. 

Dan untuk teman yang akan pergi jauh: je ne sais pas que je peux te parler. Je te marque beaucoup, mon ami.

the other blog

I had another blog, which I created like a year ago. I actually like it, but unfortunately I never updated it much. Please click on the image to visit my other blog or just click here. Thanks.

in vain

One of my favorite phrases comes from an author named Paulo Coelho. In his book, The Fifth Mountain, Coelho interpreted (or I shall say, humanized) the story of Elijah, one of the most famous Biblical characters for being faithful.

Anyway, Elijah as he ran from Gilead, in Coelho's book, said at one time, "It's like waging battle in vain" to the chief of the village, Zarepath once the chief agreed to war although he knew they're going to lose and they lost.

I came to realise in many times of my life, I was like the chief. I waged battles in vain and in the end, I suffered.