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I have a pleasure of reading my own blog last night. Not that I think that I'm a good blogger, but I found joy in remembering the old days. I miss all the travelling I've done, I miss having the perfect Sunday, I miss watching movies, good ones.

I can proudly admit that I almost never blog at work, but today is an exception. It could be the weather, it could be the medicine I'm currently taking, but seriously I'm in a terrible mood to work. It's almost 2pm and I haven't done anything productive. 

In short, I'm super-lazy today.

To make it more interesting, I have a mid-term examination tonight and I haven't studied at all. If I need proofs how well I absorb lessons in the classroom, maybe tonight is the time. HUHUHU.

Anyway, back to the thing about my blog, no matter what I do, where I am, whom I'm with, I always remember the feelings I was having when those special moments occurred. I was happy as a sponge when I was in Bali with Tasha and Lisa two years ago, I has always been guaranteed to have good times when I hang around Miko and Yuska or how ecstatic I was during the French Cinema Festival.

And now, I'm so confused and scared, not with how the tonight's exam might turn out to be, but I feel something grandeur, which unfortunately I'm not able to write, but only feel. 

Is it too much to ask for good luck a couple of hours before I face the big exam tonight? I hope not. 

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