dear future alex

Hello future Alex!

I wrote this post from the present simply to apologize for the things I have done and probably you're still paying the price. Yes, it's true. There have been things I'm not proud of, but I was not thinking clear or will not be thinking clear when I made or make that decision.

There's a chance while you're reading this post, you might be sitting in your new office. There's also a bit fat chance that you might not like what you're doing. You miss your old desk, you miss your friends and you even miss those craps they serve daily at the canteen. I cannot express how it must have felt for you, but please understand, it took me a while to make that decision and it just feels right. I hope you're not quitting simply because it's difficult, but you will find your way to embrace the challenge.

But yes, missing your friends is simply natural, but you might have or will make more new friends.

Remember April 8, 2013? Remember how you hit rock bottom? And as the saying goes, when you hit rock bottom, there's no other ways to go, but up. I'm blabbering, but my point is we've been or seen the worst. We've learned our lessons, we should've been much wiser by now. If not, at least, we understand the chances we've been given. Should we be nothing else, but thankful.

I'm pretty sure that I might do more errors as time passes by. I might hurt your friends, disappoint your family, constantly have disagreements with your co-workers to which you definitely have to suffer the consequences. Includes this post, to which I'm about to publish, you might be ashamed of not only the content, but how poorly it's structured. Ha!

I'm constantly struggling in making the proper decisions. I'm trying not to lose myself. I wish there was a way for you to guide me, warn me of things I might do that affect both of our lives. Oh Future Alex, I have a clear vision of what you should be and I hope I will not fall in doing things that might screw that vivid image of you that we both can be proud of.

Don't forget to call your mom.

Don't forget to appreciate your co-workers.

Call your old friends and do some catch-ups.

Travel, eat well, read books and always be kind.


Your oldest pal.

adieu bleki

Dia telah pergi, dia telah pergi
Tiada lagi cerita menjelang pagi
Merindu kala sore sambutan hangat
Sapaan ceria seorang sahabat

Istirahat dengan damai, Bleki
1997 - 2014.


I have not written anything almost a year now and I seriously have forgotten how grey my blog was. So many things have happened. For people who are close to me, know that 2013 is a life-changing year for me. It was probably one of the most difficult year to get through. But on the other hand, it's also the year I began to realized how blessed I have been. 

I have nothing yet to blog, but I promise to write more often. I went two weeks ago, that's probably going to be my first entry after a long hiatus. I can hardly wait for that!

Happy Sunday!

tebak-tebakan pemenang oscar

Percaya atau tidak, saya sudah nonton 7 dari 9 film yang dinominasikan sebagai film terbaik tahun ini untuk memenangkan Oscar. Dua film yang belum saya tonton adalah Lincoln dan Argo. Jadi berbekal hal ini, rasanya sudah pantas saya nekat untuk menebak-nebak siapa yang akan mendapatkan piala Oscar tersebut besok.

Best supporting actor: Christoph Waltz - Django Unchained
Kenapa? Menurut saya, dari film Django Unchained, selain Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio dan Samuel L. Jackson layak untuk dinominasikan untuk kategori ini, namun karena mereka dilewatkan, mungkin Oscar merasa bersalah dan kemudian memberikan kemenangan itu kepada Waltz. HAHAHA. Selain itu, akting Waltz di film ini sangat natural.

Best supporting actress: Anne Hathaway - Les Miserables
Like we have to think, seriously! Anne akan menang. Kembali seperti Django, Oscar juga melewatkan Samantha Barks, yang menurut saya tampil keren banget dan harusnya masuk nominasi. 

Best director: David O. Russel - Silver Linings Playbook
Hmm, tanpa Ben Affleck, kategori ini mungkin bisa jadi rebutan antara David O. Russel dan Steven Spielberg. Setelah Bigelow ngalahkan Cameron dan Hazanvicius mengalahkan Scorsese, tampaknya O. Russel bakal menang kali ini. Jujur, saya ingin sekali melihat Michael Haneke yang menang. Percaya tidak kalau ternyata Haneke belum pernah dapat Oscar sebagai sutradara terbaik? Dunia apa ini!?

Best actor: Daniel Day Lewis - Lincoln
Oscar suka dengan aktor yang memerankan tokoh sejarah. Selain Denzel dan Phoenix yang filmnya nyaris tidak ada kabar apa-apa, aktor yang lain masih muda, masih ada kesempatan yang lain. HEHEHE.

Best actress: Jessica Chastain - Zero Dark Thirty
Untuk kategori ini, rasanya Oscar cuma jadi rebutan Jessica dan Jennifer. Awalnya, saya menjagokan Jeniffer, tetapi begitu saya selesai menonton kedua film ini, saya percaya Jessica yang harusnya menang. Walaupun keduanya dikalahkan di Bafta oleh Emanuelle Riva dan karena itu pula, sebagaian dari diri saya menginginkan Riva yang menang. Sesuatu yang sulit rasanya.

Best picture: Lincoln
Kayaknya ini bakal jadi lomba-lombanya Argo dan Lincoln. Namun karena Argo nyaris gak kebagian apa-apa dalam kategori yang lain dibandingkan 12 nominasi untuk Lincoln, sepertinya Lincoln akan menang. Hal yang sama berlaku untuk Django Unchained. 

Amour tidak mungkin menang untuk kategori ini karena dia akan menang di kategori film asing terbaik. Sisanya, selain sudah kebagian di kategori lain, seperti Silver, atau bakal menang di kategori yang teknis, seperti Life of Pi, atau mungkin tidak akan kebagian apa-apa, seperti Beasts.

Yah namanya juga tebakan. Oscars, tanggal 24, Senin ini.