a windy day on the 4th of november 2011

So yesterday I finally couldn't make it to work due to illness after days of suffering from cold, flu, cough and everything that associates with those diseases. I finally came back to work today and found out that more than half of people were taking a day off today. Well, it's going to be a lonely day.

Actually when I came to work today, it's quite windy. And to find out that I was going to be actually alone in my area, it increased the coldness level of the day. I'm totally fine with being alone in my room. I find it a bit fun since I had (or have) tons of works to be done (and yet, I'm blogging here. HEHEHE). I had my coffee with a piece of banana cake (which was too sweet) and said my prayer before I started the day.

The other advantage was probably I can turn-up the volume of my iTunes to the level where I can actually hear the music. This rarely happens at work and I must admit I enjoyed it! To have Miss Jo Stafford singing Blue Moon, or Miss Billie Holiday singing Stormy Weather (can you find a more suitable song for the weather?) which followed by the always awesome Nerina Pallot singing the haunting Sophia (Yes, my strange preference of music!).

Anyway, what I'm trying to share here is that I enjoy working in a slow quiet phase. Although usually in a horror movie, something "unusual"' tends to happen when one's alone. Urrgh, wait, where's everybody? ARRGHHH! 

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