the globe 2011

It has become an annual thing for me to write about the Golden Globes. This year is not an exception, but I must say I have lost thrills when the nominations announced back in December. To have Jolie, Depp, The Tourist, Burlesque nominated over many other good comedies or musical is just absurd. Then again, rating rules.

Anyway, to check the complete nomination, you can visit the HFPA official site. Here is my prediction of who might cry/laugh/stand on that Golden Globe stage saying thank you to their agents:

Best movie (drama):
Might win: The Social Network
I choose: The Black Swan
The Black Swan is dark, it's twisted and someone gets to die at the of the movie, should I say more? Black Swan should win the Oscar for best picture, if you ask me. 

Best actor (drama):
Might win and I choose: Colin Firth
It's about time. Although it's a tight competition between Firth, Franco and Eisenberg. 

Best actress (drama):
Might win and I choose: Natalie Portman
It's a safe bet. It was mention that this category is the toughest, since there are so many great performances this year. 

Best movie (comedy/musical):
Might win: The Kids Are All Right
I choose: Anything but the Tourist and Burlesque
Nothing personal. :D

Best actor (comedy/musical):
Might win: Johnny Depp
I choose: Anyone but Johnny Depp
Again, nothing personal. 

Best actress (comedy/musical):
Might win: Annette Benning
I choose: Emma Stone
Annette Benning is excellent in The Kids are All Right, but I don't see it as a comedy, although yes, the movie elicit a few laughters, however, she is set to win this one. Although I would love Emma Stone to take home this award, she's great! 

Best supporting actress:
Might win: Melissa Leo
I choose: Amy Adams
I love Amy Adams, she should win.

Best supporting actor:
Might win and I choose: Christian Bale
Everyone loves a physical change an actor did for a role. Bale did a shocking change and that's why he will win.

Best animated:
Might win and I choose: Toy Story 3
Seriously Pixar is way ahead of everyone else. Although there's a slight chance, the Illusionist might steal this. 


  1. How many of the predictions did you get right? I mean, the "might win" part.

    I agree totally on Amy Adams. She should win!!

    Is Burlesque that bad or just not Golden Globe worthy? I haven't even watched The Tourist.

  2. SEVEN! I got seven out of eight. I'm so glad they didn't pick Depp. HEHEHEHE. But Johnny seemed to have a pretty good time.

    Burlesque is just ridiculous. I'm so glad Stanley Tucci was there, altough he didn't do much really. I always feel that Christina is always trying too hard in both music and movies, yet many times she failed to impress.

    I won't go for the originality (which is super-obvious), but let's just not waste time discuss the movie and just say Burlesque is just as bad as Bionic. Hohohoho. :D