rain, night and a dead dog

It's been a while for me to write anything. My last entry was almost two weeks ago. I didn't have much to say anyway, not even now. O yeah, it's raining tonight, so it's good. The weather has been crazy, so a bit of rain is again, good.

Talking about blogging, last year in April, I only posted 2 entries and this year, I managed to post 5, so I won't call it a step-back. I was pretty good in taking care of my blog. I have a few stories to tell and share, I might put them in writing in a day or two. I also attached a photo I took when I had to work really late last Friday. I always enjoy the beauty of light.

O yeah, a couple of days ago, someone dumped a dead dog in my trench. It was horrible. It's not because the effort needed to take the body out and to give the dog a proper bury, but the idea that someone did that is just inhumane. I have two dogs and they're practically family. If you are the man, I just need to say: that's so not cool, man!