save the date, bridesmaids rocks!

Director: Paul Feig
Stars: Kristin Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne, Melissa McCarthy
Year Released: 2011

Before I started commenting how I feel about the movie, I just want to say that Bridesmaids just had just the best new answer to the "how are you doing?" question. When Lilian was asked by Annie that question after a fiasco at the bridesmaids dress-fitting, she answered, "I just crapped at my wedding dress." That's how you know this movie ROCKS! Girls can actually go mad and boy, they went all the way!

When her childhood friend, Lilian was engage, Annie was asked to be the maid of honor. Annie, who failed at her cake-making business and always seem to choose the wrong guys to date - knowing exactly nothing, she agreed to carry on the heavy duty which ends up in many hilarious events. Especially after being introduced to Lilian's other friend, Helen, suddenly the war of the bridesmaids was on. The other bridesmaids however didn't help much, but making more and more hilariousness. 

In the end, Wilson Phillips sings Hold On and everything just fell into places perfectly.

Bridesmaids shows everything nasty one probably had done in life but not really proud of (crapping at a wedding dress or even in a sink for example). It also had that nineties culture reference that probably tickles us who lived through that era as a teenager (well, at least for me), like Wilson Phillips, Tom Hanks in Cast Away.

And talking about the movie character, Annie is the person I always wish that I would never be, but she is also the person I want to be friends with. Kristin Wiig, who wrote and co-produced the movie had done an amazing job, she is "the new improved - cost efficient - everyone can related to" Tina Fey. In an interview, Wiig mentioned that before shooting the film, everyone got together and improvised how the chemistry of the relationship should be and many of the scenes in film are the result.

Others shines too. Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne, Melisa McCarthy, Matt Lucas, even the always serious Mad Men star, Jon Hamm successfully makes me laugh. All these women are real comedians, even Rose Byrne who was always more a dramatic actress. I just bought the DVD and I'm not embarrassed to post the information that I have watched this film 4 times now and I probably am going to watch it again. So if you're looking to laugh your ass off, I so recommend this movie. 


  1. I missed this movie in the US! Can't believe I' going to miss it again in Indonesia!!

  2. They didn't have it here either, probably because it's too raunchy and too girly but fortunately I have another source who supplies all the good movies such as this one. HAHAHA.