how i don't really hate breaking dawn

Director: Bill Condon
Stars: Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Robert Pantinson
Year Released: 2011

I was staring at my computer screen for 30 minute before I began to type the first word regarding the experience I had last Saturday watching the first part of last book from Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn. Before I watched the film, I talked to some friends about it. Like there's a memo I didn't receive, everyone unified to trash the movie. And when I asked whether they've seen the film, most of them said no.

So I decided if I was going to hate it (or trash it), at least I needed to watch the film to earn that right. So there I was last Saturday, watching on the big screen how Edward Cullen married Bella Swan, knocked her up and made her go through hell (kids, appreciate your mother now!) to deliver a baby.

You know, before a movie (a big Hollywood movie anyway) is released, usually there are people who try to sell the movies by creating hypes surrounding that movie which lead us to believe that movie is actually good.  Some movies are as good as expected, some in other hands fail.

In this case, I heard nothing about Breaking Dawn but how terrible the movie is. I did call New Moon a stupidity and seriously I cannot even remember what happened in Eclipse. With that in the back my head, I assumed Breaking Dawn would be as bad as the previous ones. The key words: I expect nothing but another stupidity.

And I was not completely right.

Yes, the movie is still terrible, but I don't hate it. I can see all the flaws, unnecessary scenes here and there, but I wasn't really bothered. It's cheesy, tacky and occasionally causing pharyngeal-reflex, but those were expected and I'm okay. There's the logical reason why I didn't leave the cinema before the movie ended. I even stayed until the last scene when Michael Sheen looks like a clown. HAHAHA.

I'm so into making a list, so it would be only proper if I make a list of interesting facts regarding Breaking Dawn. It could be straight facts, or indirect related facts or even simply unrelated facts. HAHAHA.

  1. They had to cut down some scene just to get a PG-13 rating (initially the movie received an R rating), so some teenage girls could giggle when the barely legal Taylor Lautner took of his shirt. HAHAHA.
  2. It's pointless to even try to figure out how it's possible for a vampire to inseminate. Even the writer(s) is too lazy to explain it. 
  3. The first and the most important rule of surviving the horror of the Twilight Saga: never sit next to a bunch of teenage girls. Their giggles just kill whatever left inside of you to continue watching the movie.
  4. I was very surprised to know that Bella actually is a fan of S&M. But again, what's pleasure without pain? HAHA.
  5. Is there any better beverage than Red Fanta? I don't think so. Blood. Vampire. Red Fanta. Du'uh!
So, to end my post, I would answer the most significant question everyone probably has in mind right now. Will I recommend this movie? Well, I can only say this: if you wish to say how the movie has caused you a traumatic experience in movie-watching, you need to earn the right by actually watching it.

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