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I just found a new revelation about how cool my Blackberry is. Yes, you can laugh at the my opinion that Blackberry is actually a smart phone (YES, YOU HARRY!). Anyway, the not-so-new operating system of Blackberry (version 6.0) has this feature which is called Social Feeds.

What is Social Feeds, you ask? Well, Social Feeds basically put together all your social media accounts (which really not interest me that much) and they also send in the RSS (RSS: Rich Site Summary) from the websites which I really interest in. 

Now I'm assured that I can check on my friends' life through their blogs, which is actually really cool! I have a friend who is simply awesome (okay, this might be a bit subjective) and if you are interested to read about this friend's current life, whom is an Indonesian student in San Francisco, you need to read his blog

The RSS thing doesn't just work on blogs, but some news site as well. So I'm content. See how I spend my time wisely? HEHEHE.

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