julie & julia

Julie & Julia received mixed reviews from the critics. Some said it's too long and boring, but how can I not love this movie? It has everything that I adore. It's set in both Paris and New York (which are my favorite cities), it's about cooking, food and blogging. It has Meryl Streep, Amy Adams and the lovely Jane Lynch, whom made a small appearance.

It is true that the movie has its flaws and Amy Adams was just way too charming. The ending is a bit awkward, and Yes, Julie and Julia cannot (or MUST NOT) be compared to Ephron's other hits (like I've Got Mail or Sleepless in Seattle), it doesn't deserve to be put in that classic category.

But still I have enough reasons to love the movie as the first french word came out of Streep's mouth. Some said, Streep might get another oscar nom for this role, or at least, a Golden Globe nomination in the comedy/musical category.


  1. butter to my bread...love the movie. then again i'm partisan anything with food in it i love...hehe

  2. I finally watched it!!

    Indeed, the ending is awkward, but... I think that happens. No matter how much you try so hard to tell someone you love him/her, respect him/her, the message might not come across.

    It's a good movie, but I didn't really enjoy the duck-boning and particularly the lobster-boiling or cutting-in-half.

    I hope they used fakes for that.