la joie de vivre

Today, Jakarta was shocked by 2 totally unrelated suicides, not even yet 25 years old. One was in Grand Indonesia and the other was in Senayan City. Sometimes, I wonder what really crosses their mind, what makes them think that there's no possible way out or what's so painful that it has no cure.

I cannot judge for maybe I never or will never stand on their shoes. I never had that kind of life, but I do know it's important to always be grateful. For instance, Monday is never anyone's favorite day (except that you're having your day off on that day), but this Monday was special, very special indeed. We were celebrating Diana's birthday (her birthday is 27 November 2009: Happy birthday, darling friend!). I don't know how to begin telling how much this woman means a lot, how deary she's to me.

At noon, without (or with) any proper plan, we went to visit Cici. She's on her 3 months maternal leave and there he was, Jovan Yudhistira, Cici's second son, as cute as an button.

If Maria found raindrops on roses and whiskers on kitten comforting, and thinking of them made her feel good, I think my joie de vivre (actually one of them) is being with my loved ones, celebrating their existance. If you don't believe me, start celebrating your loved one's existance with cake, food, (or wine, if you fancy it) and silly jokes, you will feel it.

And I guess that's what all the fuss of celebration is. Yes, putting up those decorations, baking cakes, preparing a feast are totally painful, but la joie de vivre it creates truly lasts forever or at least you will get a few laughs. Totally worth it!

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  1. Wait, what makes you think that they jumped out of sorrow? Is it possible that they did it in perfect sanity and happiness and that they have long contemplated the alternatives to this life, and they arrived at the conclusion that life (or whatever) after this worldly life is better and they wanted to give it a shot?