11th jiffest

The 11th Jakarta International Film Festival (JIFFEST) is here! I was so excited about it last year, but this year I'm planning to watch more movies, even I have to go alone. Actually, today is the first day of the public ticket pre-sale and I'm still at home. HAHAHA. This year, they only have one single venue for World Cinema (which is good!).

Movies I plan to watch:
5 December 2009
12:30 Terrible Happy (Danish)
15:30 Three Monkeys (Turkish)
19:00 Nord (Norwegian)

6 December 2009
12:30 Jerichow (Germany)
15:30 Troubled Water (Danish)

8 December 2009
19:00 Coco Before Chanel (French)

11 December 2009
18:45 Love and Rage (Danish)

12 December 2009
15:30 Everlasting Moments (Finnish)
19:00 New York, I Love You (English)

New York, I Love You requires an invitation, if you have an extra one, I wouldn't mind being your date! HAHAHAHA.


  1. Actually i dunno where i sud write about this--in what posting?

    I've already linked this blog on my fb (so sorry for not asking for ur permission first).
    I also added this,
    "This link is a must-visit one. Don't take it for granted. But yeah, silakan dibuktikan sendiri. Once u visit it, u'll see how pretty knowledgeable the writer is, and we? We are nothing at all. At least i think so."

    *HOW SILLY, yes?*

    thx for that [ur own] JiFFest list, anw.
    Once u mentioned those, i'll go witU. LOL
    nice to be ur reader.
    Maju Terus, Bang...!! ^^

    nice to be ur reader.

  2. Dear Amun,

    You have no idea how flattering your comment is. Thank you so much! I totally don't mind to have you linked my blog to your facebook. Again, thank you.

    I haven't really decided which movies to watch despite the list I made. HAHAHA. Yes, I'm that lazy.

    I hope you do well and if you do blog, I would like to read yours too.


  3. no matter what happen, snow storm, ice storm, dust storm.. you have to watch NY, I L U! pasti bagus... krn gw jg mau!
    usahaaa. cari invitation, atau invite yourself gt.. atau jadi jalangkung, tamu ngga di undang.