my miracle of christmas

Christmas might be 9 days away, but today at work, the holiday vibe is everywhere and it actually feels good. Everyone is in either red, green, white, silver or gray (well, that's just me, HAHAHA). As usual, end of year is always the busiest week of all.

I was quite depressive for the past week and now I'm coming down with cold, it adds up the misery. BUT strangely everything resolved without me putting much effort to it and my limited brain reckon the unusual yet simple phenomenon as miracle.

Yes, suddenly a friend practicing part of the ding-dong song doesn't seem to annoy me anymore, she sounds like an angel. My red shoes doesn't look that tacky, they actually bring good colors to my boring attire. I feel like being in those movies, where happy endings are possible and Sandra Bullock might win an Oscar this year (totally unrelated!).

I feel like shaking everyone's hands and wish them the merriest Christmas. I feel like Ebenezer Scrooge at the Christmas morning after the visit of the three ghosts of Christmas.

I'm so excited about the break! Yay!

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