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The Golden Globe nominations were announced last Tuesday (15/12), followed by SAG a few days later. To check all the nominees, you can visit the site here. Special notes from this year Golden Globe are:
  1. Sandra Bullock has 2 nominations in 2 different acting categories, The Proposal (they gotta be joking!) and The Blind Side, so does Meryl Streep (but again, Streep will get nominated even if she just stands still and be ugly).
  2. No big nominations for Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bone, well except one small category for Stanley Tucci, which he will lose it to Christoph Waltz.
  3. It's Glee's first year to compete in the Globes, with 4 nominations, I have my fingers crossed that they will win big. Yay!
  4. There are 5 animated movies compete for the best animations. Amazing year, but No Ponyo on a Cliff? Disappointment!
I haven't watched many of the nominated movies, so it's just way too early for me to guess the winner. But anyway, no harm done to just play a bit. Here are my guesses:

Best movie (drama): Inglorious Basterds
(I know, I know. I just watched the movie and I love it! Well, Avatar might win, but again, Avatar is beautiful, but not clever).

Best actor (drama): Colin Firth - A Single Man
(Come on, he deserves it!).

Best actress (drama): Sandra Bullock - the Blind Side
(Yes, it's a small chance and it might mean that it's bad year for movies if Sandra wins, but it's nice to see her really wins something!)

Best movie (comedy): Nine
(I wish it was (500) days of Summer, but Nine is just too grand).

Best actor (comedy): Daniel Day Lewis - Nine
(Again, I wish it was Joseph Gordon-Lewitt, but Day Lewis is just too grand).

Best actress (comedy): Meryl Streep - Julie and Julia
(If they put Sandra Bullock - The Proposal in this category, I can only say it's a dry year for actresses in comedy).

Best supporting actor: Christoph Waltz - Inglorious Basterds
(A sure bet!)

Best supporting actress: Mo'nique - Precious
(Precious must win something, everyone must be happy. Although I hope it's either Cruz or Kendrick).

Best director: James Cameron - Avatar
(If Avatar wins the best film, Katryn Bigelow should win the best director. HAHAHA).

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