last day at work in 2009

Today is the last day of work in 2009. The sky is perfectly clear, not too hot, but then again not too cold. Well, maybe it's a bit cold for me, since I have been down with flu since two days ago. No virus whatsoever can hold me back. Well, maybe I do need to lay down for a while. HAHAHA.

Everyone actually looks a bit dazed today. My brain seems so too. We were planning to have a breakfast together. Nothing grandeur, just simply a 20K per-person breakfast.

Again, with us, when it comes to food and dining together, we always seize the opportunity to make it grand! What was supposed to be a 20K per-person breakfast became a feast. We will only work half-day today and after work, some of us plan to go for food-hunting.

Yes, I have cold and yes, I'm so going with them, with or without cold. HAHAHAHA.

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