joyeux noël 2009!

As many have known (or not) that I hardly spend my Christmas Eve at church. Not that I'm having any crisis in the faith department, but I just feel that church at Christmas is always over-crowded and I prefer something more tranquil.

So how did I spend mine this year? I spent it with my beloved. We went to Grand Indonesia to watch The Fourth Kind (Yuska, I cannot believe you want to watch this movie again!), then a supper at Jun Nian. Stayed until 12 (at home) then we wished each other a very merry Christmas.

Yes, that sounds like a celebration and seriously I bet your sunday school teacher will tell you that's so not Christmas. But then, when I was alone at my room, writing this entry, I started to question whether there's a wrong way to celebrate the birth of Christ.

The answer is YES, but only if Christ is no longer the center of the celebration. Are christmas tree, gifts, cookies, dinner (and movie, in my case) are inappropriate? I'm not trying to justify small pleasures of life, but I believe all these wonderful things represent Christ in many ways. The beauty and bright of Christmas tree represents the day earth found its Savior. Gifts, cookies and dinner are just many ways to express our gratitude and love, like God shows His love to men.

So, without judgement, but with a lot of joy, I wish you the merriest Christmas! I hope you're with the one(s) you love (or even hate) sharing one thing and one thing only, love.

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