another letter from julia

I have a friend, who currently lives abroad. We're pretty close and we exchange emails, but not so often lately. Her name is Julia (not really her real name, I have to be confidential somehow). But if you read my earlier posts, I did once post her letter. And this is another one.

de: Julia
à: the long morrow []
date: 20 mars
objet: Hello

Dear Alex,

Hey man! What's going on? I thought you're lost or something. I haven't heard anything from since my last email and it was like 3 months ago? We used to exchange email daily. Man, I miss those days. But I'm glad I'm hearing from you again. Although I'm a bit upset that you only wrote no more than 3 lines of sentences! You, pig!

So you're going to Singapore, yeah next week? Sounds exciting! I wish your office would send you to a father place, let's say HERE? HEHEHE. I miss you, Alex really.

If you're asking whether I'm reading anything good lately. Be honest, I have not. I'm quite busy at work and life (and universe) has been treating me bad. You don't believe me?

Can you believe in one day, I received as many as 5 insults, from closest friends and my boyfriend (well, to call him my boyfriend is pretty brave, I'm certainly not sure where we are anymore). Friends mostly complained/criticized/name-called me too fat. A friend, who I haven't seen for quite sometimes, bluntly said I look like a pork. Not so bad, huh? My mother thought I was pregnant. I know, this weight thing. So superficial, yet when someone (or ones) mention it to you, you feel your world is falling apart.

And to top the whole thing, my boyfriend seemed to wake up from a 8 months dream and proclaimed: he has made a wrong decision with me. I was his huge mistake, he said. Can you believe that? No, I'm okay or at least I will be. I'm a bit glad that work will keep me occupied. Sorrow cannot wound a weary body, true?

Sometimes everything looks so unhealthy and I feel that I just need to go away, far far away, for a long long time. Your email however, brings not only hope, but smile also to this endless day. I miss you really. I know at this certain of time, you would've known where to go to, what to do or eat to make me feel better.

Sometimes I feel so alone fighting this big war and I'm losing.

So, buddy, email me as often as you can, okay?!


PS: Why do I have this strange feeling that I don't want to stop writing? Can I write you another email like in 5 minutes? HAHAHAHA. Yes, I'm absolutely mad.

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