movie: alice in wonderland

I think everyone at some point of his early age, loves animated features. As for me, I still do. My dearest sister had her share in making me love those cartoons. I remember my first love was Cinderella and it's a gift from her. I also remember how she used to wake me up the way the birds did to Cinderella in the movie.

Since then, I watched a lot of animated features, includes Alice in Wonderland. I never really like Alice. It's not because it's badly produced, but it's mostly because of the story and who Alice was. For me, Alice is just a naughty lazy little girl and for her, to fall in to that deep hole which brought her to Wonderland was a sort of punishment. Somehow, she deserves it.

However, when it's announced that Tim Burton's next project was Alice in Wonderland. I was more than thrilled! I can only imagine how dark and bizarrely pretty it would be. But then, when I sat at the second row from the movie screen, I can only say it's a bit disappointed.

Alice is no longer the naughty lazy girl I used to know, she's in distress still. She fell again to that deep hole to Underland (not Wonderland, as Alice thought the first time). Underland doesn't seem like a punishment as it was in the first visit, it's more like a mental hospital. Everyone seems to look high on something or simply just crazy.

Alice was asked to fight against the Red Queen (Carter portraits the character perfectly) and helped the White Queen to proclaim her throne. Just as simple as that, nothing huge. Even the dragon she killed looks no more dangerous than Komo (if you remember the song in the 80s, by Kak Seto).

No, don't get me wrong. I don't dislike Alice. Maybe Alice has changed since her father passed away, but still if the Wonderland needs a rescue, it shouldn't be Alice, whom once better known for her laziness. Anyway, I must admit though Burton still has the wild imagination. The CGI looks bizarrely pretty and I shamelessly asked my pacar to take my photo when I saw the Alice in Wonderland park in Pluit Village. HAHAHAHA.

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