a letter from a friend

Last Christmas, a friend of mine gave me this wonderful book, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society which I have not yet finished reading it. So unique, the Guernsey was written as a series of letters. Therefore, I came up with this idea to post one of my friend’s e-mails, not only because I think it’s lovely, but it’s also important. Of course, I have asked for her permission and yes, I did change names. I always enjoy reading e-mails from friends and I hope you will enjoy this one too.

Dear Alex,
I haven’t seen you for a while. I was out shopping today and I saw those little Chinese dumplings. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I was thinking about Sundays in Philly. I remember the brunch we used to have at that no-sign Chinese restaurant. Do you know that Charlie got fired? I know, crazy, isn’t it?

Anyway, what are you up to lately? We really need to catch up! I hope you do well. Yeah, I’m still working at the old office and I’m pretty bored. I did try to get a new job, but sometimes I feel that it’s inappropriate for someone my age to hunt for another job. Even if I did, I would only end up doing the same thing.

You know how much I love travelling and arts. I would just die if I could find something related to either. Do you think it’s not too risk-taking to change career at this point of my life? Yes, I’m not yet married and the only stomach I must worry is mine, but do you think it’s just too outrageous to do something totally different? In other side, I feel small and invisible being who I am now. It’s totally a “you-cannot-win” situation or “you-cannot-be-rich” situation. The thing is: I don’t want to be rich. LOL.

Sometimes when I think about my work, I also think about him (you do know who). I really miss him, Alex. Well, the truth is I don’t really miss him “miss him”, but I miss being with someone. I miss getting stupid texts asking me what I had for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I miss someone saying that it’s crazy for me to lose some weight, although I do need to lose some weight.

I feel like the ugliest duckling most of the time (damn that Anderson’s stupid tale!). I think that’s why I like to take a long shower. I am hoping that the water would wash off some of the fat I got and I would magically come out of the shower being as skinny as those European models (this doesn’t make sense, does it?). I know it’s silly and exhausting. I guess no man would look at me and think that I’m his soulmate. It’s quite depressing and true. You’re not going to start sending another Coelho’s book, are you? I know you like the man, but I don’t think he has written anything good since The Alchemist and the Fifth Mountain.

Anyway, what are you reading now? I’m currently reading the Maya Angelou’s autobiography which seems impossible to finish. I guess I’m not that smart! LOL!

Arghh, I miss you a lot, Alex. I miss us hanging out together. I miss being around friend where I can be me. Darn, please promise that you will visit me soon. Hey, are you still going on that trip in April? Let me know, yeah. Take care.


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