my super-mother

So last Friday (August 6, 2010) was my birthday and unfortunately I was engaged to fulfill certain responsibilities that required me to be out of Jakarta. I didn't spend much time to celebrate it. However despite all that, I was so grateful (still am actually) for all the birthday wishes sent to my facebook account or even to my phone. I consider myself as the luckiest man on earth. If you are one of those people, THANK YOU!

At each birthday (and yes, there have been quite a lot! HAHAHA), I was always reminded of a person that I consider a hero, as my own personal hero, which is my mother. My mother, on the day I was born, put in danger her life so I could have mine. Even until today, she's (currently) in the kitchen preparing a family dinner party to celebrate my existence, which only exists greatly due to her kindness.

My mother has not always been great. She's not flawless, but if you're a single parent of 4 children (any kind of parents for that matter), flaws are just part of the package. Perfect parents are just unreal. My mother taught me to be humble and live life modestly. She always said (still does) never judge a book by its cover (cliche yet true) and never want to be judged only by your appearance.

She taught me (in her own ways) to appreciate things, to celebrate life, to believe things could (can) happen. She loves traveling. She (at 60) canoed in the wild river of Papua. She also love being in the kitchen and we easily love to have her being there. For she cooks many amazing meals, which I personally think not even the most expensive restaurant can provide. So now, you know whom I got the passion for food from. HEHEHE. I was also first introduced to the magic of cinema by her. I remember how we used to watch movies together and at some point, I always wanted to be a script writer.

So, on my belated birthday, let me take a minute or even five, to thank my mother, for her super-heroic life-risk action many years ago (I'm that old) to bring me to the world and many of her days to worry, to love, to nourish, to restlessly pray for me. I love you, mom. Thank you. God bless you.


  1. Terharu bacanya....
    Jadi ingat mamaku dan jadi kangen mamaku...
    "Not flawless but she is the best for me.."
    Salam ya buat mamanya...