I am always a big fan of Batik and I really like wearing Batik shirt. But it was very unfortunate for someone with a very petite figure like me to find the exact size of Batik. Batik Keris, a popular brand did not have the perfect size for me.

A week ago, my office decided to have a batik day and I sadly went to Batik Keris to purchase a batik shirt in the kids department. Yes, all this time, I can only purchase batik from the kids department.

Until that night, I was told that Batik Keris has just launched a new line called Batik Keris Slim Fit. I was never happier to see batik in life. I tried to put it on and it fit! I bought one first and told myself to purchase probably the entire collections. HAHAHA.

I never liked myself wearing batik before, but on that batik day, I felt beautiful. Unfortunately, this new line is a bit pricey and the collections are limited. Unlike the usual Batik Keris shirt, the slim fit collection was not printed, but it was what they called a stamped batik. I just nodded when they explained the reason why it's more expensive.

The shopkeeper told me that Batik Keris is so excited about this collection that they will produce more of this line. So, yay! I'm happy!

So, in case you're having problems thinking what could be the best gift for me, Batik Keris Slim Fit size SS would just do! HAHAHA, kidding!

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