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It has been a good year for TV, I say. Especially for women in TV, these few years, there have been so many strong roles for women. Although I don't find being a Carol Brady is any wrong, but seriously these days, no more Carol Brady. Mothers on TV are more like Nancy Botwin and Alicia Florrick. They're ... just not your regular moms.

New season in August 2010: season 6
This August is going to be a very exciting month for me. Weeds season premier will be on the 16. The first time I watched Weeds was accidental. I although am always a fan of Mary-Louise Parker, the title of the series is a bit too offensive for my taste.

It's probably a slow week or there's just nothing else to watch, I decided to purchase the first season of Weeds. I was wrong (well, not completely). It was offensive, it was horrible, but it's also funny and meaningful. Weeds tells a story of a two children widow, Nancy Botwin. Nancy, after the sudden death of her husband, decided to sell weeds to her neighbors.

By each season, the trouble she accidentally got herself into got bigger. I don't think children (or anyone below 18) are allowed to watch this series. I don't think Jenji Kohan (the creator, she also one of the people who are responsible for Gilmore Girls) tries to promote drugs (or weeds). Nancy Botwin is just an example how a person can do bad under certain circumstances.

New season in Fall (September 2010): season 2
Alicia Florrick is the cheat-on wife of a falling-from-grace politician. After her husband was arrested, Alicia decided to return to practice law. With her last name, Florrick, she finds troubles (related or not to her husband) and/or sometimes solutions to the case she's handling.

What makes The Good Wife so good? Alicia is an underdog, and practically too-old junior associate who tries to mark her own place. Don't we always love that kind of story? And Kalinda! Yes, Archie Panjabi, the law-firm investigator with an attitude, makes the series even intriguing. No wonder, The Good Wife earned so many Emmy nominations for this year and don't be surprised if it wins big as well. I bet on Julianne Margulies and Archie Panjabi to win the best actress and best supporting actress in the drama category.

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