lunch on a very quiet tuesday

Today, I was supposed to stay home, but only God knows why I came to work. I spent my first 4 hours designing banners, writing letters and chatting. HAHAHA. I mean it's totally a slow day. Nothing happened. Well, something did happen, just not to me. I felt that I was like in the middle of something and just there to watch. NOT FAIR!

Anyway, since I was in a very lazy mood, I decided to order-in for lunch. I ordered from a Manadonese restaurant nearby where I work. I ordered nasi with ikan tude goreng, (with dhabu) sayur kangkung with daun pepaya and perkedel jagung!

Even though I ate my lunch alone. It's a pretty good one. I just decided I have to write something about it. Yes, I blame my boss for converting me into a manadonese food lover. I tried several places in Jakarta and I have to admit that I still couldn't find a place that serves manadonese foods as good as the one that's nearby my office.

The ikan tude (the fish) was deep-fried in an exact perfect way. I mean, you can still enjoy the fish meat without it being too crispy or too well-done. The perkedel jagung is just unbelievably good! Not too sweet, not too salty and yet it's very crispy. And the dhabu, it's a bit sour, quite hot with Indonesian pepper (cabe rawit!).

I enjoyed the whole thing with a big cup of green tea. My lunch was just heavenly good and I can prove it. There you go.

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  1. huahahahaha...untung aja tulangnya gak ikut kemakan...