gone too soon

On Thursday (25 June 2009), one of the world's greatest performers, Michael Jackson passed away. He was 50 years old. Michael Jackson was expected to have a comeback in July 2009 where he initially would start his 50 performances in London.

His life for the last four or five years had been a big circus. The trial, the debt, the crazy behaviors, they all seemed to drag him away from what he's best at, being a performer. I'm glad some of the medias, decided to remember Jackson as a legend he once was.

He was (and is) the king of pop that wowed everyone with his moonwalk 20 years ago, the legend that created phenomenal videos and dance moves. He should be remembered as the man who desired to make the world a better place and he's also the man that inspired many today's pop stars.

Like a comet blazing across the evening sky, he's gone too soon.

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