movies in year 2010

I don't think I watched movies this year as many as last year. I don't think I have too many favorite this year. I remember how the year's summer blockbusters was a disappointment, although there are some good ones. The Golden Globes nominations announce is the proof. Kidding, those two have no relation whatsoever.  Anyway, my favorite movies in the year of 2010 are:

Toy Story 3
Undeniable that it is the best animated movie Pixar ever made so far.  It's funny, it's dramatic and seriously entertaining.

It's the Matrix thing all over again. Once rumored Nolan is a snob, with Inception, I say he's earned the right to be one. This mind-bending science fiction has turned my world upside down .. and the beautiful talented Miss Cotillard, will you just marry me?

Jean Pierre Jeunet is a genius and Micmacs is FUNNY! FUNNY! It successfully plays with that slapstick comedy Hollywood has been trying so hard to produce but failed at many times.  

The Kids Are All Right
There was a scene where Annette Bening's character just found out that her partner cheated on her and she looked lost and yet tried to keep everything together. It was a good scene and Benning just nailed it. Actually everyone looks good in this movie.  

Easy A
Haven't I told you that Emma Stone is a star? Easy A is hell-yeah funny! 

Social Network
Who would've thought that David Fincher once directed a music video for Madonna? He did, but now with Social Network, he's a strong force to be reckoned. 

Shutter Island 
The twisted story plot, the you-said, he-said, she-said, I think conclusion is enough to make this one a classic. I guess Marty is taking it the Hitchcock way! 

After Tangled, Disney announced they're not going to make any animated movie about princess. With how Tangled came out, I said go ahead make as many as you want! Tangled is funny, sweet but yet I don't feel embarrassed watching it. 

Seriously we need a good movie about massive creatures. Monster is not really about huge aliens, but it satisfied the thirst. In a more serious note, I think Monster is a metaphor for many things in many screw-ups men conducted.  

How to Train Your Dragon / Despicable Me / Megamind
They're all come in one because I have difficulties to pick only one last favorite. I think this year, animation rules and I'm happy! I just wish that I could watch the Illusionist next year.

Yeah, my favorites are mine alone. We might have similarity in taste, but hey, being different is okay. Leave in my comment box what your favorite are. 

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