flashback of 2010

Honestly, I haven't written anything here. I've been quite busy with work and the other blog. HEHEHE. However, since we're coming to the end of 2010, I would like to say a few words. One of the highlights in the news must be the disaster that have continuously occurred in our country, from natural disasters like volcano eruption, flood, quakes to how the weakness of Indonesia law was exposed (Remember Gayus?).

Anyway, personally I was truly blessed this year. My workload was insane throughout the year, but I must admit at some points, I enjoyed the travels required that came with the responsibilities. I visited Yogyakarta in May, Solo in September and South of Kalimantan in December. I made a lot of new acquaintances. 

I passed my French examination in November with a fair score, I must say. I'm pretty content how much I have learned and truly, I know a few of them by heart. Contrary to many believes, I'm just not that dumb. HAHAHA. 

But when it comes to blogging, I hardly have time to blog here, but my other blog, which is about culinary, I impressively submitted around 45 posts, which means I almost dined out every week. No wonder I'm always broke. KIDDING! HEHEHE.

Although it has been an awesome year, I also need to confess that I haven't read many books this year. Let's just say I didn't read much this year, which is very unfortunate because one of my resolutions is to read at least 2 books a month. That one just didn't go well. 

I'm not planning to drown myself in sorrow. I failed to succeed, true? Hopefully next year is my year to read. Talking about drowning myself, I have found many cases where I viewed things in a very harmful manner. I'm not proud of myself. I settled many of my own battles a few weeks ago. 

Last, but not least, I'm super-glad, super-happy that I have a very strong support system. My family (who is not only there to help me, but to bother me as well. HAHAHA. Kidding again!), my friends and my love (you know who you are, I'm so sorry you're down with fever and cold. Be well, soon!).

In short, 2010 is a very colorful year and I appreciate all the good things (and bad) that happened. Blessings to all of you. 

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