the dance within 2: beyond the dream

It's not easy to make a sequel. Even in the most superstitious town of Hollywood, sequels often failed to follow its predecessor's glory. Remember Speed 2: Cruise Control, anyone? However, the rule doesn't apply for the Dance Within. When the Dance Within 2: Beyond the Dream was announced, one (without faith) must've thought what else they could've done, other than krumping and shimmering?

On that rainy Saturday, 27 November 2010, the dancers of the Dance Within completely burned down the house. Somehow it's no longer a dance recital, it's more of an art installation. It broadened its dance genres and knitted them all together in one neat almost-perfectly-told story line. Although there's a possibility if that you're not reading the playbill, you might not get the story line, which is a shame. Still, you can enjoy the colorful exquisite well-choreographed movements.

This year, the Dancewave went far beyond the limit with the wide range of dance types. The beautiful traditional dances of Java, the martial art - wushu (the dancer reminds me of the graceful miss Michelle Yeoh), the extravagant Bollywood-theme dance and the capoeira (I have no words for this amazing art/sport/something form) are a few of the highlights.

Although I must admit I can never tell what makes a dance a good dance, but surely I can tell you that I have one heck of a good time! 

Unfortunately this sold-out show annually perform one night only. (The only downside of this spectacle is) many artsies (not sure it's a word) were left outside the restoration-needed historical Gedung Kesenian Jakarta learning the hard way of the advantage of pre-sale.

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Note: Copyright photo courtesy of Yuska Lutfi Tuanakotta. 

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