french cinema festival 2010

One of the things that excites me in April is definitely the French Cinema Festival 2010 in Jakarta. Event like this makes me proud of this city. Unfortunately, this year, I will only be able to watch 5 movies (last year, I managed to watch 12 movies), but still I'm excited. The event, itself opened tonight at the Usmar Ismail with Le Concert.

Although I won't be attending the opening ceremony, I will watch Le Concert among other films, like Tellement Proches, Oscar et La Dame Rose, Micmacs à Tire-Larigot and De l’autre Coté du Lit with Sophie Marceau.

I'm so suggesting you to take part in this event, and if you ask for a reason, let's me give you some:
  1. It's only once a year
  2. It's not easy to find French movies in our cinema or even DVD
  3. French movies are famous for being ballsy
  4. Sophie Marceau, Melanie Laurent, Jean-Pierre Jeunet .. isn't that just enough?
  5. Tickets are cheap. HAHAHA.
Well, anyway, I hope to see you there. Au revoir!

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