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Pak Stephen Tong once quoted a famous Chinese proverb, saying: "Time is money, but money is not time." Pak Tong also explained that the proverb means it's true that time is valuable (like money or gold), but money or gold cannot redeem time or the value of time.

I always think that date (to its second) was the measure unit to the value of time, like meters for length or grams for weight. We use years-month-date-time to measure the value of time. Today, nothing special about it (it surely will repeat itself with other numbers), my time measurement (also known as clock) showed: 09.09.09, o9:09:09.

Pretty amazing, isn't it? Again, nothing special, but I hope it stops you for a minute or five to think how valuable it is. Remember time maybe money, but no amount of money can redeem time. I don't preach, for I'm not yet that wise, but I'll say a prayer written many hundreds years ago by a very smart guy, named Moses.

"Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom." - Moses, Psalm 90:12, NIV.

Have a great day/hour/minute/second, everyone!

PS: The quote was taken from Tong's famous book, Waktu dan Hikmat. It's one of my favorites.

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  1. Hi Lex...

    It is weird, because on Sunday at church, I heard almost the same message with what you've wrote... Basically, we can not change and turn back the time.. Thank you Lex, for the reminder... God bless youuu....