my mumps

On my last entry, I did mention that I was not feeling well. Last Thursday, at around 10, I thought that I was going to faint. My head was hurting (still), my head was spinning and my body was burning (no dramatization here). The office's doctor diagnosed me with MUMPS.

What is mumps, you ask? Mumps is a viral disease that caused by the mumps virus. It causes the salivary gland to be swollen (it's the almost-back part of the neck to the ear). The disease can be dangerous if it's not rightly treated and it's definitely contagious, therefore I have to stay home for the weekend. Hiks.

As I spend my Friday night watching Disney's Beauty and the Beast and eat my nasi goreng, I really am trying to just see it from the brighter side. Maybe I need to slow things down, maybe it's a sign I need to take a better care of myself.

My neck is getting better. The swollen part is almost gone and I can still can eat, talk and listen pretty well (for some people, the symptoms are the lost of taste, appetite, becoming temporarily deaf) ... So, I'm good and grateful it's not too serious. Please pray for my being well.

Have a nice week-end, everyone!

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  1. goatee!! Dang, how do you spell that? goattee? goatee? goat-e (like Wall-E's pet goat?)?

    How's your mumps, your mumps, your lovely lady mumps?