old chang kee

Old Chang Kee sells mostly fried snacks. My favorite will be Squid Balls and Crabmeat Wrap on Stick. If you check their website, they seem to have a lot of choices, unfortunately, the one in Taman Anggrek (which is the only Old Chang Kee stall that I know so far) does not provide all the choices listed in their website. (Darn, I want those Crabclaw on Stick!!! Groks).


  1. silverstone30/12/08 2:00 PM

    ah thank's for the review. i'll get some squid balls next time i go to mta!

  2. silverstone2/1/09 8:48 PM

    anyway they have another one in front of food hall senayan city!
    so, i've tried all kind of squid yaay...

  3. Chang Man Yi hihihihihihihi9/1/09 9:28 AM

    it looks Yummy!!!!!