adieu 2008

So, it's 15 to midnight and the 2008 is about to end (well, according to GMT +7, Jakarta time). I'm at my desk, having the fifth cup of Tong Tji jasmine green tea (don't ask!!), writing this entry (which is my last entry for the year) at home. I just finished watching (again!!) Cloverfield (the last movie I watch in 2008. Aren't you just glad it wasn't Bridget Jones part i and ii?), without any doubt is my favorite movie of the year.

Anyway, 2008 was quite a messy year for me. I don't know, maybe it's a leap year, or maybe it's me having bad lucks, I found the year quite ... messy. I planned so well early this year and somehow, I didn't get to do so many of them. I failed to return to CCF, I failed to travel (the idea which I was so excited about before) and I failed the katekisasi class in my church (I mean, seriously, how can a person fail such thing, you asked? I KNOW!!!). The thing that bothers me the most is how I got emotional and moody. Sometimes it affected many other things, like works, friends and family, maybe.

The other day as I went through facebook, I checked many of my old friends' profiles. Some of them were married, having babies or going aboard to work or study. I felt that I've been gone for so long that I wasn't there to celebrate with them (well, I did receive an invitation or two .. HAHAHA, SORRY, I KNOW!). I started to realize that I wasn't really a good friend. I believe it's something I have to work on next year. (fingers crossed!)

(5 minutes to midnight) I guess it's only fair to mention good things as well. There were weddings (Marsella's, Sandra's), babies (Shirley's and Suster Wati's, yay!), new friends (yay!) and Mammamia! the movie! (HAHAHAHA).

I hope next year will be a better year and I will be a better person. I definitely would like to go back to school, be much healthier (working out, eating healthier), travelling and be wise in spending money.

So, to all of you, happy new year 2009! Blessings.

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