my version of the 20 saddest break-up songs

There is a legend saying that Gloomy Sunday, a song written in 1930s, inspired hundreds of people to kill themselves. Come to this point, we all might have to agree music does have the ability to evoke our emotions (or it really depends on the listener?).

A couple of weeks ago, Yahoo!Music published the 20 most heart-breaking songs of all time. Since I'm not familiar with most of the songs that made to the list, I decided to make my own list. I haven't really yet finished it, the 20 most saddest break-up songs. If you have any suggestion, I would appreciate it.

Nothing Compares 2 U: Sinead O'Connor, 1990
Singing about a fresh break-up ("7 hours and 15 days"), the inability to move on , her self-destruction ("go out every night and sleep all day") and how everything reminds her of her lover. Written by Prince, O'Connor sang her (unfortunately) only hit that makes the world believes she just lost the love of her life.

Walk Away: Ben Harper, 1994
He sang how another day without that person and how much it hurts that he has to be with someone else. Say no more, Harper's just trying to kill us.

Still Reminds Me: Anggun, 2000
She cut her hair, she painted her room, she got a cat and a new lover, still everything reminds her of her lover. Anggun sang "Still Reminds Me" and put us all in one gloomy mood.

We Belong Together: Mariah Carey, 2005
Taken from her come-back album, The Emancipation of Mimi, "We Belong Together" suggests how Bobby Womack and Babyface remind her only of her ex-lover. Maybe its overplay has made the song not so destructively sad, still Mimi manages to make us cry a tear or two.


  1. silverstone9/12/08 9:35 AM

    hey, don't try to suicide since your song is one of that list...

  2. I won't. Life is too beautiful. But really, it's nice to listen to this kind of songs once in a while. :D

  3. Dandy Huang30/3/09 3:18 PM

    What about Un-Break My Heart - Toni Braxton? I think that song is so sad.

  4. Something from Sarah Brightman, maybe?

    I Want You by Madonna, maybe?

    You know what, you're Alex Tho! You're the guy who can sing the Happy Birthday song and turn it into a suicide anthem. So I'll just leave it to you.