to the (not so) far east

I believe our whole life can be affected by one moment. Alright, that's probably a bit too dramatic, but our actions might affect our lives in either short or long term. I often think about what life would be if I decided to go apposite what I did. I mean, out of everything, Moses asked for wisdom to number the time. It's got to be something, right?

The idea I actually left my work and went on a journey to the amazing part of East Indonesia was one of the least likely to happen options right now in my life. I was so ready to cancel my trip because I felt bad going on a trip while having so many things waiting back here at work. But I managed (Ha!), not only to actually go, but to get most of things done and to have fun.

There are two ways of actually experience visiting Ora Beach Resort. First, watch our YouTube videos about the insanely excitement of staying there. But yes, definitely much less fun. Or you can actually go there yourself, this is the how-to-get-there:
  1. Taking the first boat trip from Hurnala Port, Talehu - the cost for the economy class is IDR 125K. It's going to be around 2 hours boat trip. 
  2. Arriving at Amahai Port, we can go with local transportation or arrange a package from Ora Beach Resort to pick us up there. It takes around 3 hours interesting road trip from Amahai to another port, Saleman.
  3. Then, another 10 minutes boat trip from Saleman to Ora Beach Resort.
I know, insane right? But totally worth it, the whole hassle. I wasn't much a person who enjoys long trip, especially those challenging ones. I read somewhere that we can also ask the Ora Beach Resort staff to begin picking us up from certain hotel in Ambon. I would totally go for that if I have extra cash.

Ora Beach Resort is (at current state) the only resort in that coast-line, so basically staying there means you get to have the whole beach for yourself (and people who lives in the other 7 bungalows). Amazing, isn't it? Due to the fact that the resort is far and secluded, I would strongly suggest you bring extra mineral water or some snacks. They provide meals and snacks as part of the package, but let's just say those meals aren't that memorable. Oh yes, ask for the floating fish market, pulau Raja, for adding lobsters in your meal. Price is totally reasonable.

Everyone who has gone traveling with me would tell you that I has repeatedly said the first thing I would do when I return from a long trip is to change my phone provider. Like many trips I have been on, my phone couldn't get any signals, no reception at all, not even half a bar. The only for me to connect to the world was either borrowing someone else's phone or just staying undetected.

At some point, I was quite content to not be able to receive any calls. Yes, true I wasn't connected to the world in any kind of social medias.

Undeniably one of the perks of traveling (at least here in Indonesia) is to meet strangers which end up leaving memorable marks in my life. Mostly they're great. I'm sure wherever you go, if you open up a little bit, you will find that treasure in long-lasting friendship.

The next part is a bit personal.

For Om Polly and Tante Atta, who sincerely took us in like we're their own babies. I'm forever touched with their kindness, their love and how they're solely responsible for all the weight gain! They're the living proof that people are still able to be kind and how they live their Christian belief. I'm very so inspired.

Sammy and Helga, who worry for us like two lovely "parents". I'm still saddened by the fact they don't want me to name their baby, but again it's a good call - I might come up with something that's more appropriate for ketchup products or biscuits.

Om Noki to whom we trusted our lives in for hours of extreme road trip. He's not just doing his job, but he decided to go beyond and ensure that we arrived safely and were properly taken care.

The future pop star, Quinn.

A friend told me how certain bloggers have become less-informative and more personal. Some blogs are very informative, while some contains more personal information. I would like to see mine somewhere in the middle.

I like to think that I'm the sole royal reader of my own blog. It's like a journal (diary, yes if you prefer to call it) that I would read over and over again to remind myself I was once somewhere. Yes, I'm a self-loving bloke.

In short, I'm glad I went and it's written here as one lovely part of my life. In a shorter-two-words term: Truly blessed.

Note: I went to Ora last year and I wrote this a few weeks after the trip. I guess I nearly forgot that I still had it on my draft folder until .. today. (:


  1. Ketchup baby names!

    So glad you're writing again. Not enough photos, though. I wonder if Ora is vegetarian friendly.

    Which phone provider had the strongest signal there?

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