the xx and the melancholic coexist

As much as I love listening to pop music, or humming any of Katy Perry's song, I also enjoy exploring new music (well, probably new for me). Lately I've been listening to some UK/European bands and I must admit, it's quite refreshing.

I always hesitate to submit a post about music, since I'm probably tone-deaf, I'm quite certain that I might sound stupid in my previous music-related posts. But I respect and appreciate music that has evoked my emotions (du'uh, emotions!). So for that reason, I'm risking myself to sound like an idiot. I will probably submit a few posts about some of the music I'm listening to. HAHAHA.

The first one is The XX, a band of three.

Coexist is their second album. The overall theme is about heartbreak, loneliness, and sadness, which I must admit is my favorite kind of theme (NOT!). If you have ever listened to their first album (which title is The XX) or some of the songs from the first album, you will be able to tell how different these two albums are.

The XX was more cheerful and more up-tempo, unlike Coexist, which created this gloomy feeling throughout the whole album. The story was after the success of their first album, one of the band members decided to quit the band and apparently it hit them hard.

In Chained, they're asking questions with that guilt of breaking-up, "Did I hold you too tight? Did I not let enough light in? We used to be closer than this. Is it something you missed?" Same question was asked in Tide, "Devote to me. Alone with me. Say with me. Why would you ever want to leave?"

And in another song, they sing about the difficulty of separation, "Fiction when we're not together. Mistaken for a vision, something of my own creation. And it's certainly how am I to tell? I know your face all too well, still I wake up alone."

Musically, Coexist sounds very minimal, with a few melodic elements. There a lot of guitars and occasionally a very light dubstep. Aside from that, how the two members of the band, Romy Croft and Oliver Sims sing together somehow make the whole album sound exactly they (probably) wanted, haunting and heartbreaking.

If it's legitimate for me to rate an actual musical product, I would give Coexist a perfect 9.

Other albums that I'm currently listening to are: Ben Howard's Every Kingdom, Lianne La Havas' Is Your Love Big Enough, Of Monsters and Men's My Head is an Animal and Bill Fay's Life is People which makes you want to evaluate your whole life.

Hey, another thing is I will really appreciate it if you leave some comments or maybe if you have some good music I should listen to, just give me a shout-out! Thanks.

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