a traveler's tale: worry about that later

I did mention somewhere saying that one of the most important things to survive this trip or any trips for that matter, is to have a clear knowledge of directions, to gather information regarding the place you're about to visit.

However, sometimes no matter how well-prepared you are, there will be things happen beyond your control. Sometimes you might miss the correct exit from the MTR (which happened quite a lot. Hahahaha) or you just cannot find the hotel or simply you're required to ask for a direction.

They're inevitable, but how you behave matters. I always enjoy the idea of being lost. Surprised, aren't you? I'm famous for being a control-freak at work, but when it comes to traveling, I enjoy being lost now and then. I always manage to find more interesting places or some unexpected acquaintances (so far). My motto is as long as we're in the safe range of time period, not about to miss a flight, it's ok (see how control-freak I am, HAHA).

Not just about being late, or not able to find direction, sometimes it's about not knowing things, expecting a surprise. In short, less worry, just enjoy the moment. 

Probably the best way to learn about a city is to go by walking. I did mostly on this trip and I must admit I not only had so much fun and worked out (without losing any weight), I felt that I was actually part of the country, the culture and many other thing.

So in short, never forget these two keywords when you're planning to do what I did: #holiday and #adventure.

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