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I started blogging as sembiluan since 2008. I always mention how much I love writing and how writing has been saving me from many self-destruction (HEHEHE). It's true. Writing can somehow calm one's down.

Anyway, since I haven't written anything since forever and I'm in the middle of guilty feeling for being too preachy. Anyway, I read some old emails I sent or received. I found quite a few interesting quotes. Some of them are silly, or funny, or even a bit sad. I wrote most of the quotes to my friends.

And here they are.

Life is difficult and I don’t want to wish for an easy one, otherwise I won’t be thick-skin. Work may stress me out and I don’t want to wish it any other way, otherwise I won’t be able to appreciate every hard-earned cent by the end of the month. Romance seems impossible at this time and I’m not rushing myself into it, otherwise I won’t be able to appreciate the right one that comes along later. In short, may your heart (and mine) filled with peace, your mind (and mine) with wisdom and your days (and mine) with blessings.

Have I really told you that I enjoy talking to you? Even most of conversation seem useless to you, they mean a lot. HAHAHAHA. (feel free to go puking). Even now when I know I come to the end of the letter (before I bore you to death), I feel the need to keep writing. HAHAHAHA. Maybe I should tell you I got a new scanner *so not important* or these couple of weeks I've been staring at my blackberry and hoping you send me something!!! HAHAHAHAHA. Okay, that's stupid. Stupidity is the sign one must go.

Anyway, have you ever felt that you want something that you cannot have? I guess that's how I describe our friendship. Okay, that's just not fair. I wanted to say I love being your friend, what worse is sometimes I feel my enthusiasm is way too much and it might have scared the big shit out of you and secretly you pushed me away.That's prejudice, I admit it.

Then you know I'm a very curious little guy. I went on googling about how true the story of Rose Dawson. I found out that there was a survivor from the big ship of Titanic who lived in Cedar Rapids. Her name is Millvina Dean. Then of course, she didn't throw a big diamond necklace into the deep ocean (I would be devastated if the diamond story was true).

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