Book: The Naked Traveler 2

Finally, I managed to finish reading my first book in 2010. The Naked Traveler 2, by a woman who is well-known as Trinity. This is the second edition of the series. The Naked Traveler basically is series of stories of Trinity traveled around the world (this woman up to today, has traveled to 42 countries, according to the introductory of the book).

The Naked Traveler 2 did not cover as many countries as the first edition, but somehow it's more personal and it's more informative. The second book concentrates on the cultures, habits and the people of the countries she visited.

Like the first book, it always managed to make me smile and in some occasions, it made me laugh out loud. Yes, it's not the sophisticated literature. The Bahasa is informal (understandable, since it was initially a blog). The Naked Traveler made me appreciate other cultures, my own culture and friendship.

It's a light reading, but still informative. My next book is a gift from my boss. Another Bahasa book from Pdt. Yohan Candawasa, Tinggal dalam Hadirat-Mu.

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