walking on sunshine

Finally, I managed to get out of my room. After almost one week, I had to stay in, I can be out. It's strangely liberating, since I once said that I love being in my bedroom. But not today, or maybe this week, I really enjoy being out early this morning to grab something to eat. I went to Bakmi Tiong Sim, a nearby restaurant.

When you're trapped for so long (and for two days I was completely passed out and unable to lift my head literally), you start to appreciate small things in life (and I also notice the plant outside my house is hideous).

Anyway, since my only connection to the world since I was ill (It's only for a week, DUH!) are a "one-way-transmission" television and my laptop, it does feel good to go out strolling around the neighborhood and to stop by a store doing some shopping. It feels good to interact with people (real ones!). HEHEHE.

Yes, I think I'm going mad, but then I'm glad I'm much better now. When I say something about appreciating the small things, I think many things should be mentioned, like vitamin, water, health, those massaging chairs (ever tried that? they're great!) and WORK!

I so envy those whom have to work overtime. I envy everyone who can get up and has a job to go to. You're so lucky that day or today (even it's Saturday!). I really miss my office, my desk, everyone at work, being trapped in the crazy traffic-jam or stopping by the nearest KFC to have coffee (Yes, I'm completely mad!).

In short, take care of yourself and others and be grateful. It's a beautiful day! (and someone needs to do something with my hideous garden!).

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