kris allen

I have to admit that I'm not really a fanatic follower of the American Idol, but I always try to find out who the finalists are. This year, the finalists are: Adam Lambert (whom everyone believes will get the title) and the underdog, Kris Allen.

I personally think Kris should be crowned the next American Idol. The result show will be aired by Starworld (if you live in Asia) at 5pm and 7pm prime time. Leave comment to let me know whom you are rooting for. :D


  1. Yups! Setuju banget! Kris lah yang layak jadi pemenang Amidol kali ini...Lebih banyak gregetnya kayaknya...
    Adam juga bagus sih...tapi koq ya suka too much...

  2. he is the american idol!!!!

  3. silverstone24/5/09 7:32 PM

    menang tuh jagoannya...