adieu whitney houston

I think it was the late 80s when I first watched her video, I wanna Dance with Somebody. I wasn't really know who she was and I was just this young boy. All I know is that she's American with a big hair and it was a very colorful video. Later, I understood that she's one of the world's most successful singers.

Then I'm Your Baby Tonight was released in the early 90s. Followed by The Bodyguard, a couple of years later. I remember how I repeatedly played only the first 4 songs from the album at the attic of my old house here in Pluit. I believe I might have caused a few of unaware embarrassed moments by trying to sing out loud I Have Nothing which caused a stir. Not that I sang it good, but my mother thought I was in pain or something. That period of my life also confirmed that I cannot sing.

Whitney Houston's songs have been part of my life in a way. Exhale was one of the songs I listened to when I had a crush with my classmate during my high school years (now you can guess how old I am). I remember how a good friend sent me her duet with Cece Winans, Count on Me as I left Jakarta to live in Philly in 2001. 

I read about this very shocking unfortunate news on Sunday morning and realized that an icon, a little part of my childhood has forever gone. I often told my friend that Whitney Houston deserved a huge comeback and I strongly believed she could have done it.

Anyway, many have posted her interviews with Diane Sawyer or Oprah talking about her addictions. As much as I'm terribly sorry to watch those videos, I think I prefer to remember her as that skinny cheerful American with a big hair-do singing: "so when the night falls, my lonely heart calls."

Adieu, Whitney Houston (1963 - 2012).

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