pride and prejudice

Insult me for loving this movie so much, I don't really care. Actually, I love all the movies that were based on Jane Austen's movie. Freaky, eh? I guess I just have this thing for anything from the 18th century. I mean the idea that dancing indicates attractions - holding hands equals romance is just romantic (I must be drunk while writing this).

Anyway, Pride and Prejudice tells a story about a young woman named Elizabeth Bennett, the second one of a 5 daughters family. With her very obnoxious mother and a careless doting father, she lived in time where the most important thing for women is to get married to a wealthy man. Then came Mr. Darcy, a snobbish handsome wealthy man. The battle of sexes between Elizabeth and Darcy began, which soon turned into a mutual attraction.

Critics praised the movie. Keira Knightley were nominated for Oscar for being Elizabeth Bennett and Maythew McFayden just shines! (On the TV version of Pride and Prejudice, Colin Firth was Mark Darcy and he became famous for it, soon after McFayden got the role of Darcy, I cannot think of anyone who fit for the role, but him).

What surprised me about the DVD is you can watch the movie in French both language and subtitle. The soundtrack of the movie was conducted by my favorite, Dario Marianelli. His music is perfect.

If you haven't watched the movie and you're up for something from 18th century, which is witty, funny, and romantic, must not miss this one, Pride and Prejudice.

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